This might be the most embarrasing thing I’ve ever done but it’s for a good cause so ya, let’s do this. I’m sharing one of my songs here. A song that I wrote about/for the PCT and PCTA.

In a few days I start my hike on the Pacific Crest Trail and while I’m hiking I’m raising money for the Pacific Crest Trail Association. I’m close to having raised 800 dollars but my goal is to raise 2000 dollars. So yes I need your help.

As a way of saying thank you I wrote this song. The title is “Each step is a start.”
You can find the video here:

Please support me and the PCTA by donating a little money. You can click on the donate button in the right menu of my blog or go straight to my fundraiser page:

Even if you just donate a little it’s gonna make a difference, not just for us, for the trail, the land and the wildlife but also for future generations to come. It’s so important that they too will be able to walk on our wonderful earth, find comfort and beauty and experience nature connection!!!
Each step is a start!!!

Ps: Please don’t laugh with me, ok?

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