4 thoughts on “Day 9 and 10: From palms to pines to palms

  1. Being on the PCT again must feel awesome! So happy for you. I’ll be without internet for next few days and I’m already looking forward to reading your entries when I return. Happy Trail!!!!


  2. If you get two similar comments from me my computer crashed right when i went to send the previous one. It’s clear to see being back on the trail makes you much happier. I’ve been following your blog and social media since i stumbled upon it, and I know how much this journey means to you. But from what I’ve been reading lately, we gotta get something straightened out right now miss Cat. I hope you don’t have to get back on that bike either, i really do. But if you do, you better knock off feeling like you aren’t a Hiker anymore. You are a beautiful free spirit and BADASS HIKERTRASH. Honestly, you are twice the hiker anyone out there for doing this against all odds hands down if i have any say in the matter. I follow your post religiously and jealously because you are an inspiration beyond what you know. I will be cheering you the whole way foot or pedal. But despite how you complete whatever journey waits for you, you are pure HIKERTRASH and if there were an award for hiker of the year it belongs to you. Wander forward!


  3. Good to see you in better spirits. Agree with Joshua’s comments. Lots of people wouldn’t even have attempted to do what you are doing.
    Liked your experience with hummingbirds, They are amazing little creatures.
    For a smile of the day you might want to check out the live version of Frank Zappa’s – “Stink Foot”. (or not ,,,, He’s kind of an acquired taste,,,, Kind of eccentric,organized chaos.) Your photo and comment about your smelly feet jarred a few 60’s neurons and reminded me of it. Another video reccomendation,while I’m at it — ( Category of Hippie brain candy) — Moody Blues “OM”.
    Anyway–Take care. Enjoy each day, each moment.


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