Day 32: The windmills and the friendly town

Wuhuuu I ‘almost’ sleep well and I’m fast in the morning. I try to be efficient. It kinda works today. We head out early and climb out of Tylerhorse canyon. Soon we see and hear the windmills again. The sun is rising fast. It’s beautiful. I gotta poop though. Right now is not the time to admire the landscape. I’ll do that later. I gotta dig a cathole… It’s hard to find a place here where noone can see me. At some point I don’t care no more, I dig, I poop. Ah wonderful! Now I can enjoy the views. We climb, slow but steady, till we read the cache on top. There’s water. We don’t need any. We don’t wanna rely on caches. There’s not just water at the cache.
There are chairs too. 7 chairs. All of them fill up within 10 minutes. Hikers sit and chat and eat and drink. O ya the trail is full. It’s crazy full. Hikers hikers hikers. Watercaches, streams, campspots, towns are like magnets. I hike on and look back at the cache, I can still hear the voices, it makes me think of an open air café. On a hilltop. In the middle of nowhere.
Only 6 more miles till the road where we’ll try to get a ride into Tehachapi. Sometimes 6 miles seem like 15. It’s crazy windy. Ya I get it why they build a windfarm here. Windmills as far as my eyes can see… to the horizon and beyond… I’ve never seen so many windmills in my entire life (what we have in Europe is nothing nothing nothing compared to this. When we get closer to the road I start visualizing our ride into town. We’ll get to the side of the road, I’ll get my last clifbar out of my hipbelt pocket, and before I’m done eating my clifbar a car will pull over and take us where we wanna go. So we hike down, very close underneath the huge turbines, we get to the road, I start eating my clifbar and BAMMM there is our ride. YEAH BABY! The lady who takes us is the environmental manager of the windfarm. She takes care of the birds and endangered species. Awesome!
She drops us off at McDonalds. Milkshake milkshake miiiilkshaaake! We shop for food (oh god it’s heaven) and then decide to walk to the airport, where we can camp. We are standing on the sidewalk checking the townmap when a woman rolls down her carwindow Do you need help? And we are like Well we could use a ride. In that moment I get a text from Little Bear We’re at the Holiday Inn, we’ve got room. So instead of going to the airport, the lady drops us off at the holiday inn. The people of this town are amazing. They start conversations, offer rides when they just see us (even in the postoffice) and are superkind. It’s awesome!
At the holiday inn we share a room with little bear, Aquanaut, Morningstar and Cookiemonster. Aquanaut and Little Bear sleep on the ground, even when they booked the room and took care of everything. I like them a lot. They are good men with a great mindset and the heart in the right place. No boring good men, but crazy good men. They are frikkin professional divers. And they do trailmagic for other hikers. They rock!
We go to play pool in the evening (which I haven’t played for like 13 years and yes I suck at it… big time), have drinks. And now I’m gonna sleep in a bed, wuhuuu, I’m excited. The pillows and the sheets are so soft and clean. Tehachapi I like you!




One thought on “Day 32: The windmills and the friendly town

  1. Whoa!! What a small world. I think I met you in Tehachapi. If you were in front of an Alberson’s in Tehachapi. I saw you with a backpack on (and I think you had a walking stick). I asked if you were hiking the PCT and you said yes. Maybe?


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