Day 34: Fighting windmills

One last time breakfast, decadent breakfast, loads of coffee, bread, eggs, yoghurt, more coffee. Shatterbugs’ dad ‘Dunedin’, who is doing a bit of trailangeling, gives us a ride back to the trailhead. It’s windy as fuck underneath the windmills, but we’re fast.
Before we know it we hike 8 miles and yeeeeaaah there’s Sababa, my friend from Santa Barbara. He’s rejoining us. He and his dad brought coke and beer and fresh fruit. Awesooome. We hike on and the wind almost blows me off the mountain. It almost feels like fighting windmills but we still manage to hike another 11 miles, till we set up camp. Done for today. I’m too tired to write. The wind stole all of my energy!



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