Day 38: The power of the inner fire

I don’t wanna get up. Not yet. I’m on vacation. I wanna turn around one more time. Close my eyes. Pretend it’s not getting light outside. I can’t fool myself. It’s 5:30 am already. The sun is rising. I gotta hike. I wanna hike. There’s only one thing to do. Open the valve of my sleeping mat. Psshhhhh. The air flows out. I’m on the ground. Damn. I do that every morning. Each time again. I don’t turn around. I get up. I pack my bag. Take down the tent. Have breakfast. Get going.
9 miles till Walkers pass. It’s getting hot already! What? It’s not even 8am yet. But the trail is smooth, mostly downhill and 7 miles down we meet Chief and his australian shepard Body, telling us trailmagic is awaiting us at Walkers pass. Jihaaa. We fly down. And omg magic it is. Chief and his wife have soda and beer and fruit, lots of fruit, and tacos, and bread, and tortillas and everything we need. They even have footbaths! This is heaven! I keep saying while I eat and drink and eat and drink. This is heaven! Lone Wolf is there, and the Ravens, and Cheesy boy and Courage from Japan. O boy, it’s hard to leave this heavenly place but it’s getting hotter and hotter and ya there is that 10 miles climb coming up.
So we go. Slow. But steady. It’s hot. Right in the moment when I think my mashed potatoes brain is about to explode, there it is… THE MAGIC BREEZE. The breeze that keeps me from melting like gummiebears in an overheated car, from exploding, from falling down on the trail and just keep laying there. The magic breeze has saved my ass many times now. Even if it’s just a tiny one, it keeps me going, it makes the heat bearable. The breeze, my umbrella and another magic thing: shade from trees, rocks, mountains. Mostly it’s just a small stripe of shade I move through. I cherish every second of it. Just like wanting to turn around in bed one more time in the morning I’d love to stand still in the shade. Feel the coolness of the air on my skin. But I keep moving, I always keep moving. Sun, oooo shade, back in the sun. Onward, onward, onward! If I’d stand still, I’d stand still for too long and that won’t take me anywhere, certainly not to Canada (even though I’m a big believer of the healing powers of standing still on our paths through life. There is so much we can learn from the trees, who stand in one spot all their lifes but still see so much and hear the songs and stories of distant places from the wind playing in their leaves!)
By lunch I hike 15 miles. I once again hang my damp sleepingbag in a tree and we find an awesome nest to sit in. Little Bear and Aquanaut join us. We’re like 4 dirty birds in need of food. More food. And then we find out we have cell service and the nest turns into an internet café. We write our loved ones, upload blog posts, surf the www. I check Goaltechs blog again, just to read and check who is behind us. I find out his done with his sectionhike and has written a review. Part of the review is an award he hands out to the friendliest and happiest hikers he met this year. And OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. He gave the award to us!!! WOW!!! Thank you so much Goaltech. I feel honored and am glad we got to share some of our happiness with you!!! It’s a great feeling to know that out here too, just like when we teach and in daily live, we can share and spread our joy and gratitude. I believe that when I follow my heart, do what I love and am grateful for even small things, it’s contageous. We’re like little sparks, lighting the inner fire of other people, who again do the same. The power of inner fire is strong, it spreads happiness, brings light like a full moon in a dark night, creates the twinkle in the eyes. When you meet people whose inner fire is burning strong you can see it in their eyes. They are alive, friendly, curious, maybe a bit like the eyes of a child who has nothing to worry about, who is full of trust.
After two hours of feeding and surfing in the nest I’m ready for the next 7 miles. The views are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I can feel and see the mountains are coming closer and o yesss they are calling. The sand turns to rock underneath my feet. I need to concentrate. The last 4 miles are killing me, as always. Finally we reach joshua tree spring, mozzies all over the place. If there’s one thing driving me nuts, it are mozzies. Luckely we find a campspot where it’s not all that bad and while we have dinner we enjoy another gorgeous desert sunset.

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