Day 39: 1/4 PCT!!! Easy peasy 17 miles lemonsqueezy

Ml. 664-681: 17 miles: from Joshua tree spring till chimney creek campground
A quiet night. One of my last in the desert. In 2 days I will be in Kennedy meadows. Holy moly. Who thought the Sierra would come that soon. After getting diagnosed with hip dysplasia I didn’t even dare to dream of getting this far. I am sooo grateful for each step, even in the heat of the desert, even if I get homesick for our cat Phoebe and our tiny cabin sometimes, even if it hurts! It is all worth it!!! This is an amazing journey. A mirror in so many ways to each one of us.
We leave early to beat the heat and boy we are lucky. A big part of the climb we get shade. I feel spoiled. Shade, wonderful shade. We pass the 1/4 sign. Damn 1/4 PCT already. That’s insaaane!!!
O I love the morning hours. My legs feel strong, they move easy, carry me up the mountain. Headquarters and I don’t do breaks. We just keep hiking till lunchtime. I don’t like short breaks, it’s always so hard to get going again, as if my body has shut down and has to warm up again. So I prefer to just keep going. I drink while I walk, I eat snacks while I walk and yesss I still have time to see the beauty of the land, to talk to the birds and the lizards, to admire the wild flowers. Some people seem to think their hiking style is superiour to ours, which is just absolutely ridiculous. We may all walk the same footpath but there are so many ways and styles of doing it. Not one is superiour or inferiour, just different. There’s that mirror again. Nature. So much to learn. So much to discover. Outside and inside. Body, mind, soul.
We reach the top of 1800ft climb by noon and then take our well deserved long break. My feet hurt. They’ve been hurting for a few days. I think my shoes are done. The sole has lost its cushioning. Good thing I have a new pair waiting for me in Kennedy Meadows.
Aquanaut and Little Bear pass us. Inside I say goodbye. I don’t think we will hike with them much longer. They are gonna be faster, have another strategy for the Sierra. I had a great time with them and am so glad wo got to share a part of the journey.
We hike down the last 5 miles till camp. Today is a short day. I need it. My body and my mind are tired. The heat does the rest. Only an awesome rattler gives me a boost of energy for half an hour. He refuses to leave his comfy spot in the middly of the trail. He rattles and moves his head towards us. Allright allright, we’ll hike a tiny rattler detour just for you snake!!!
We reach camp early and all I do is lay down on my mat, eat everything I can find, let that sleepy feeling come over me.
When we are done having dinner, Shatterbugs’ dad Dunedin shows up, he puts his hands in his pockets and out come 2 apples! Wonderful!!!! While he was gone one of his tents got blown away by the wind and Headquarters put it back up. He tells us it’s his showertent and then he offers us a shower. He heats up water and ooooo my god we are clean…almost. It’s hard to get off the thick layer of sunscreen, dust and sweat. I think I never enjoyed the feeling of being clean more than I do tonight. I put on my leggins, get in my sleepingbag and sleep.
Ps: I don’t have much photos of today on my phone cause the battery was dead 😉



5 thoughts on “Day 39: 1/4 PCT!!! Easy peasy 17 miles lemonsqueezy

  1. What a day — a rattler detour AND a showertent. I’m loving your hike! Molly (my dog) and I hiked the 36 miles (Sobo) from Pioneer Mail Picnic area N of Mount Laguna to Lake Morena last weekend — and instead of the cold fog we had when I brought your bike to Mt. Laguna, it was 89 degrees with sun, sun, sun!


    • Betty!!! It’s great to hear from you! We often think of you! Sounds like you had a great hike! We are loving the journey so far and we’re taking a few zero days now to rest before we hit the JMT. We wanna take it nice and slow through the Sierra. It’s just too beautiful to rush through. Love from the both of us!


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