Day 41: Zeeeero in Kennedy Meadows

I hardly sleep during the night. I shouldn’t have drank 3 cokes in the evening, but I just had to. It’s incredible how much I crave sodas when I hike. I crave coke and chips and chocolate bars and icecream and milkshake and unhealthy stuff. Of course I’d love a salad too and a decent homecooked meal but when I’m out there, o boy, I dream of unhealthy food.
Aquanaut and Little Bear pack their stuff, they hike on, will zero in Lone Pine. Little Bear makes coffee and gives me a cup while I’m still in my sleeping bag. Wonderful!!! I’m a bit sad to see them leave but I’m sure we’ll see them back in the mountains. I stay in bed till the sun shines on the tent and then have a superlazy breakfast, while I sit on my bearcan. O that brings back memories. I loved my bearcan seat on the JMT and I’m loving it now. It’s like I’ve never been gone and still sooo much has happened in the last 1,5 years since I got back from my JMT adventure.
I’m lazy all day, it’s great. My body desperately needs it. We resupply, chill on the porch, eat burgers and Ben n Jerrys, drink soda and beer, shower, just lay around, eat chips. And now my belly is so terribly full with unhealthy stuff that I crave healthy food. Fruit, decent bread, mom’s soup and food from the garden. Nothing much of that kinda food here so we’ll just eat another knorr side with loads of who knows what kinda flavors and artificial stuff. O I swear when we reach Bishop we will eat salat and salat and more salat.






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