My second summer in the Sierra

How many days have we been in the Valley? I don’t know. I loose track of time and days. I forget and try to remember. People ask me What has been your favorite part, your favorite view so far? It’s a question I cannot answer. Everything has turned into one, one experience, one day, one breath, one blink of an eye. My head turns into a box of memories. A box in which I look for the images I’ve taken with my mind, the emotions I went through, the feelings I lived. It’s the kind of box you store under the roof of your house, where spiders weave their webs over, filled with memories of your childhood, of a relationship, of something you wanna save a part of so from time to time you can get the box down, blow off the dust, open it carefully and then let the memories slide through your hands like old bleached photographs.
While I sit in the shade of the camp 4 trees, hiding from the heath of the day, I think of the Sierra. This will be my second summer here. I’m grateful for the days we took off, we stood still. It gave me time to savour, to breath, to cherish. It was wonderful to spend time with climbers. Hear about the climbing routes in the Vallley, about Nutcracker from Tony, a Belgian climber, and Superslide from Kyle and Adam. After 2 days of bailing because of the rain and thunderstorms, they all made it to the top on their third day of trying. It was exciting to watch Alejandro climb the Zodiac on El Cap and talk with Manuel and others about their preparations to conquer The Nose.
I am ready now. To start walking again. Slow. More and more I stop caring about “thruhiking”. Yes I still wanna hike the PCT, and if possible, connect all my footsteps. But more and more I feel how it doesn’t really matter where I go. What matters is a HOW I choose to walk and what I give to people along the way. I knew that. I’ve written about it… often. But it’s easy to forget when you get caught up in making miles, trying to move on and on and on, feel hunted by the herd. Now I am ready. At least I think so… (hahaha I’m sure the future is secretly laughing right now o girl how little you know. I got something special for you to learn!) Climb out of the Valley, Half Dome, Sunrise Mountain. The spot where I spent the night with my mountain lion. Who will I meet? What will I learn? How will I walk my path?

Ps: I don’t know how much I’ll be able to blog out of the Sierra. Cell service is not the best in the mountains so I might just do a few updates in the next couple weeks 😉







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