Exploding beauty

monument valleyIn Utah history is exposed in a breathtaking beautiful way. While I see the red rocks pass by my archeologist heart is beating faster and I understand why ancient cultures would wanna live here. Red sandstone, aspen trees, grassy green meadows. Is this desert? It is and it’s beautiful in all of its layers. In the layers of earth arranged in a way it doesn’t seem coincidence, in the the rock art created by the people who lived here long ago, in the sand that constantly reinvents the landscape. Yes, in Utah nature exposes herself in a strong almost devine way.
After hiking through my beloved Sierra we decided to go on a little roadtrip.
My hips need time to recover from the hardship of climbing two passes a day and we wanna widen our horizon. The PCT is beautiful, hell yeah it is, but it’s a narrow stripe of land and we wanna lift our heads for a moment and see what lays beyond.

While I sit in the passenger seat of our small rental car (HQ loves driving it, especially since it has cruise control) I watch some birds throwing themselves off the red rocks, almost as if they’d fall down but in the last moment they open their wings and start soaring through the valley and then, as if it doesn’t take a thing, they fly all the way back up… Changing their point of view is just a matter of seconds to them. Maybe it would have been for us people too if we’d gotten wings. But we haven’t. We were given legs and feet… We need to walk. All the way up the mountain and all the way back down. Up and down and up and down. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for us to change our perspective. How hard it sometimes is to let go, leave the past behind and still integrate it in a good and healthy way, to push through, to climb out of the valley all the way to the top of the mountain, to that point of overview in your life and decide that you’re not taking the same way back down. O the courage it takes to walk your own path…

So here we are, driving from California through Nevada, Utah and Arizona back to California. Our mouths fall open constantly. Of amazement, and wonder, and holy shit the earth is a beautiful place! We see the giant sequoias in Sequoia National Park and feel small and humble. How much there is to learn from a tree that has lived for thousands of years! We pass through Death Valley National Park and feel the heat of 117°F/47°C on our skin. Onward through crazy Las Vegas to Zion National Park. We hike Angels Landing and the Narrows and feel like kids again. Grand Staircase Escalante, Capitol Reeve National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonland National Park, the Gooseneck, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe bend… And by the time we reach the Grand Canyon we feel like we don’t know anymore where to store all that beauty in the tiny memoryboxes our minds are. It’s a good thing our souls feel and remember too, cause really our mind is too small to capture the grandeur of it all.

We drive back to California through the Mojave National Preserve and are happy to spend one last day and night in the desert we love some much. Yet at the same time, we’re getting a bit restless. The PCT is calling us back. Or is it home? Both options seem appealing! PCT? Home? PCT? Home? What are we gonna decide? It doesn’t really matter. Why? ‘Cause we will follow our heart, and so no matter where it takes us, we’ll be happy and smiling!!!

For now: Pictures on instagram I’ll try to upload some pics here later ;c) There are just so many to choose from that I need a little more time haha :cP

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