aka PCT day 54 . June 12th 2015: Lake underneath Donahue Pass – Donahue Pass – Island Pass – Thousand Island Lake – Emerald Lake – Ruby Lake – Shadow Lake – Rosalie Lake. Ca 15ml

DonahuePass7I wake up and feel like as if a heavy load has fallen off my shoulders. Sometimes it’s good to let everything out, the hurt feelings, the disappointments, the haunting ghosts. It gives them less power if you look them in the face, if you don’t let them grow in silence, if you don’t feed them chunks of your soul.

We hike up Donahue as if it’s nothing. Holy moly my legs got strong baby! After just 45 minutes we’re on the the pass, take a quick pic and hike down. It’s gorgeously green. Water everywhere, flowers o the wild flowers and… mozzies.

The hike down takes longer than expected but the climb up Island pass way shorter. Damn we are fast. The view from Island Pass towards Mt. Ritter and Banner Peak is amazing. As is Thousand Island Lake. We have lunch near Emerald lake but the mozzies chase us so we keep on hiking. Ruby Lake. Garnet lake. It’s all frikkin beautiful… beauty spiced with memories. I remember every rock, every step, every word. We hike over that little ridge near Garnet all the way down to Shadow Lake and then climb the switchbacks towards Rosalie Lake. O Rosalie. We spend the night with Sarah and Pat from Oakhurst who are hiking the JMT. Pat is a flyfisher and HQ would love to learn. Wonderful people!

6 thoughts on “JMT II – day 4: A thousand islands, a thousand lakes

  1. I just love your blog and travel journal, please continue writing. You have no idea how many people you inspire with your thoughts. 🙂 In an older post you mentioned writing a book… is this still a project of yours?

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    • Alexandra, thanks so much for your sweet words. Made me smile :c) I’ll try to update my blog as soon as I can. The thing is, living in an off-grid tiny home, in winter it’s hard to get enough electricity to write on my computer a lot and I only have a small amount of mobile internet. I’ll be visiting my family in Belgium soon where I have full access to electricity and internet and I hope I can put all of my JMT journal online as well as my PCT gear review. As for the book: It’s something on top of my bucket-list in life, I just haven’t found the right “form” yet… but one day… it’ll be there ;c) Hope you are doing well! Love, Cat


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