Just a little inbetween post. Inbetween journals, inbetween JMT and PCT, inbetween sunrises and sunsets.

Quite some people have been asking when I’m finally gonna upload the rest of my journal and my gear review. The answer is: soon… I hope… soon ;c)

As the 21st of december is getting closer, the days are getting shorter, the sunlight is getting less and so is my electricity supply in our tiny cabin. We only have one portable solar charger and depending on how the weather is, we get a full battery or a rather empty one. Lately it’s been a rather empty one, cause the sun has been hiding behind the clouds a lot. Result: Little electricity, little computer-time, lots of candles and books instead. And dreaming of what trails I’m gonna hike (or rather limp and stumble) on when I’m in the High Sierra next June (yessssss you read that right, I’m coming baaaack! O I just can’t stay away haha). Also I only have a small amount of mobile internet and “working” on my blog just eats a lot of the cake. Buttttt good news: I’ll be travelling to Belgium soon, visiting my family, and having full access to electricity, high speed internet… o and an indoor bathroom, a fireplace, a washing machine, a dish washer,… yeppp! So I hope I’ll find the time there to upload the rest of my JMT journal and my PCT/JMT gear review.

People also have been asking how I’m doing… healthwise. O well some days I’m good, some days I’m not. It just sucks when you squat down to pee and then realize you can’t get up anymore, you gotta yell for your partner to please pull up your pants and help you up and then lay on the bed for the next 1,5 days to recover from a squat. Life has changed. But apart from the embarrassing moments and the daily pain it has changed in a good way. I have become very much more aware of the gifts I receive(d) in life and of my gift I got to share.

So, just a little longer, just a few more candles, just a few more books, just a few more inbetweens. Cause it’s in the “inbetween” where the magic happens!

Love to you all!!!








6 thoughts on “A Little Inbetween

  1. You might want to consider – if you have the spare green and the ability to have stuff shipped to you – a USB-device thermoelectric generator like a PowerPot or homebrewed equivalent. All you need is fire and boom.

    Sadly, no equivalent advice for anything else, except good luck and much restful recovery in Belgium!

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    • Thanks! We’ve been thinking of a thermoelectric generator, unfortunately we can’t make fire (well let’s say we don’t want to) because we wanna stay invisible. As soon as you make fire you will have smoke (even if you use a rocket stove or something that almost burns smoke free…. it always leaves a sign that someone is there). I don’t mind not having so much electricity. It makes me focus on the more important and “real” world and forces me to get away from my computer hahaha.


  2. Hello Cat
    Good to hear from you again. Still love the way you write about your experience. Await more posts about the JMT etc. later.
    You and your family have a great Christmas and New Year.
    From the Pacific Northwest.

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