JMT II day 7: Miles & Smiles

aka PCT day 57: June 15th 2015: Silver Pass Lake – VVR. Ca. 13ml

It’s a gorgeous breakfast view we have at our campsite at Silver Pass Lake. We only leave camp at 7:30 am and after about 15 minutes we meet a first PCT hiker. It’s Kate!!! Holy moly! We last met her at Mount Laguna. Her trailname now is: M&S: Miles and Smiles. And o yes it suits her! This girl rocks. Making big miles and smiling all over. She gives us a boost of good energy!

We head down Silver Pass. And as I remember it’s a bitch I still wouldn’t wanna hike NOBO, but boy the views are amazing! Right before the VVR junction we meet… Joeeeee! Awesome! He’s doing great, hiking on his own, we share tortillas and cheese and we chat.

We still got 6 miles till VVR but if feels like 10. Damn. We have a lunchbreak with view at the partially dried up Florence Lake. It’s a sad but still interesting and relaxing view. We even dance in the midday sun, cause sometimes when I’m tired (and when I’m not tired ) I gotta do stuff like that. We dumbos run out of water and have to go down to the lake to refill. It’s frikkin hot hot hot and those last miles always always always feel so much longer than they really are.

At VVR we put up our tent, get our resupply box (fuck now our packs are heavy again), have a hot shower (yesssss), do laundry in the sink, eat salad and chocolate icecream and prepare (by being lazy) for the passes that are awaiting us. It’s gonna be BEAUTIFUL.

PS: THE WILDFLOWERS ARE GORGEOUS. Plus we saw beautiful butterflies!

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