JMT II day 9: Never miss a sunset in Evolution Valley!

aka PCT day 59: June 17th 2015: Sallie Keyes Lake – Mc Clure Meadow. Ca. 16ml

Ah it’s beautiful to wake up at Sallie Keyes and have breakfast with a lake view. Have I said I love this place? It’s wonderful to start hiking on the trail inbetween the two lakes, it turns into a sandy patch, into a forest, a meadow, aspen, and then there comes the descent to the San Joaquin River.  Switchbacks down the Manzanitas and we pass all the places I remember passing 2 years ago with a backpack filled with 9 days worth of food (I was crazy back then…. I guess I probably still am but now I don’t have 9 days of food in my pack… not sure whether that makes me more or less crazy). We meet Sneezle and Grapefruit and Buttplug and it’s fun to hear their stories how they’ve been since we last seen them.

When we cross Piute Creek we enter Kings Canyon NP- We have lunch in a shady spot and then start climbing along evolution creek. A wild untamed creek along the steep rocks, building basins with white blue water, yet at the crossing it’s tame and quiet so we cross the creek with zero problems. A mile before Mc Clure we meet River Jelly and Chopsticks. YEAH!!!! Awesome. We’ve been waiting to finally see them again. They tell us they got engaged! He asked her in a Giant Sequoia on their sidetrip to Seqouia National Park. Cuuuute! It’s so nice to talk to them!

At Mc Clure Meadow we find an amaaaazing campspot, next to the creek with a gorgeous view. We cook above the campfire and then stay outside till sundown. We spend an hour observing and getting close to the deer who are grazing. And the sunset in Evolution Valley is one of the best ones along the JMT and we don’t wanna miss it (neither want the mozzies it seems). This place is perfect!!!

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