JMT day 17: JMT the second! hell yes!!!

aka PCT day 67: June 25th 2015: Guitar Lake – Mount Whitney – Guitar Lake – Lower Crabtree Meadow. Ca. 14 miles.

We leave Guitar Lake at 6:30 am. Ready to conquer Whitney baby! Ready to finish my second JMT Thruhike. We fly up. We pass a boyscout team (who camped at Guitar Lake too) and I wonder why the fuck they spoil everything for the kids. Too heavy backpacks, too fast, no smiles, bad backcountry ethics. That’s how you ruin it fuckers. We still enjoy the climb (not like the kids) and in 2.45h at 9:15am we’re on the summit. This time I don’t freeze my ass off. I DID IT AGAIN. WE FRIKKIN DID IT! WE COMPLETED THE JMT TOGETHER! YESSS BABY!

We’re only half an hour faster back down to Guitar lake, spend some more time in ‘avocado sandwich heaven’, drink coffee with a view over guitar lake. I try to have a nap but it’s just too hot. So we pack our bags and head down to Lower Crabtree Meadow. OMG the view from the meadow back to Whitney is beautiful!!!! We see 2 marmot families, in fact there are marmis all over the place. After dinner we enjoy watching a group of deer grazing, while the sun sets on Whitney and the mountains in the background. It’s paradise o yes it’s paradise!!!

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