JMT II day 10: Muir Pass & peeing my pants in front of rock monster :cP

aka PCT day 60 : June 18th 2015: Mc Clure Meadow – Evolution Lake – Saphire & Wanda Lake – Muir Pass – Helen Lake – Little Pete Meadow. Ca. 17 ml

We are fast today cause we want to see the sunrise over the mountain. But the sun takes ages to get up and so we get going at 6:50 am.On the way up to Evolution Lake we meet Rumba. He looks tired, exhausted. Poor kid going crazy from the mozzies. His eyes are swollen from not enough sleep. At 9 am we’re at Evolution lake already and have a twix break. What a treat! The raw beauty of Evolution Lake is breathtaking.

We hike past Saphire and Wanda Lake. Damn we’re fast. By 11:45am we’re up on Muir Pass. 10 miles done. We have a quick lunch and then decide there are too many people up there so we start hiking down. Fuck, that downhill is a bitch, just like I remember. Our morale is getting low and then bammm we meet Robin and Carla and are sooo happy to see them. I’ve been wondering and hoping we’d see them back. We talk for like half an hour and then keep going. We go down, they go up. Life o life!

Finally we see the beautiful Le Conte Canyon opening up in front of our eyes. I tell HQ “We haven’t seen any packtrains yet” and tadaaa 5 minutes later a packtrain with 2 cowbos and 10 mules appears. haha!

After 17 miles we reach Little Pete Meadow. Enough for today. We build a fire and have pasta. 2 strange civilized hikers appear and share our campsite (it’s big enough, and I don’t really mind). She’s a psychologist, he’s a waiter and they are a strange combination. Whatever. I get bored of their talking and go to sleep.
PS: O ya, rockmonster. Of course we pass rockmonster and take pictures. My mood is a bit …well let say “not too high up” while taking pics cause right before I peed my pants. Ya. Damn. When we arrive at rockmonster I gotta pee like crazy and I go squat down not too much outta sight (ya I know, I didn’t go far enough off trail.. bad LNT… please forgive me)… While the “first flow” is coming out (aaah wonderful) I ask HQ “Is there anyone coming?” assuming the coast is clear. His answer is “No”… flowwwww…. an then the next second “no, wait, yes someone is coming!” My first reaction is to pull up my shorts. Bad idea while I am still peeing. And that is how I peed my pants. Rockmonster witnessed it. I bet he was laughing so hard his stone teeth fell outta his mouth.

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