JMT II day 11: A golden staircase at noon

aka PCT day 61: June 19th 2015: Little Pete Meadow – Golden Staircase – Upper Palisade Lake. Ca. 12 ml

We sleep till 6 am. The sun is already making the mountains around us glow. I get out of the tent and bamm there is mama deer with her one year old. Awesome. Hi cuty pies!
It’s al downhill till we reach the camp where I camped 2 years ago, 3 miles further and then we start climbing. It’s frikkin hot in the sun and I’m not feeling very fit today. Thank god there are still some aspen and pine trees till we reach the Golden Staircase at 11 am. We are tired but we keep on going. I notice the lack of calories. I’m starting to get hungry all the time. Here I go again, the story repeating itself. We climb the staircase in the midday sun and ya it’s tough but it’s still beautiful. O yes it’s still beautiful! The wild flowers add color and there’s still water in the little creeks flowing down.

We climb on till Lower Palisade Lake (and meet Firecracker who we haven’t seen since Warner Springs) and with our feet hanging in the icy cold water we eat our small lunch, slowly and very aware of every bite, of every calory. The cold water is a blessing to our tired feet, even if we haven’t hiked much today.

After 1,5 hours we hike on till Upper Palisade lake and see Mather Pass coming up in front of us. It’s only 3 pm. We can make it up there in 1,5 hours. NA! Fuck it! We’re staying. We’re gonna be lazy and we’re gonna chill. Damn right! I am tired and the sun is hot. I eat a Lärabar (very very slowly, tasting each bite like as if it be my last) and drink coffee and then I take a nap. Heaven I tell you! Heaven! We check how much food we still got left (it ain’t much, shit) and then have dinner, hot coco and when the sun sets I’m off to bed.
PS: The marmots are sooo cute. They go lay down in the shadow of a rock and make themselves as flat as possible. It’s like as if they get melted by the heat haha. O and we saw another pika inbetween Lower and Upper Palisade lake :c)

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