JMT II day 12: Two passes a day keeps the doctor away

aka PCT day 62: June 20th 2015: Upper Palisade Lake – Mather Pass – Pinchot Pass – Wooden suspension bridge over Woods Creek. Ca. 20 ml

A long day. Intended mileage: 10 miles. Actual mileage: 20 miles. Damn baby!
After only 1h 20 min we’re up on Mather. It’s not even 8 am yet. It’s an easy peasy climb in the shade. Lovely. We have the pass to ourselves and enjoy the solitude and the view. We head down into the basin and we meet Aquaman. Awesome! Haven’t seen him for a while and it’s good to hear his story. A bit further down we meet Jabba (most people know him as The Real Hiking Viking). We both are trail ambassadors for Gossamer Gear and we take a few minutes to chat. He’s kind and happy and still hikes a frikkin 30 to 35 miles a day. Beast! Heading up to Pinchot we meet Nutella. She seems happy to. I think of the day we fought that bad weather in the desert together with her and Highwater and we spent the afternoon at the forest service, hiding from the storm.

We have lunch just before Marjorie Lake. Actually we wanted to camp here but boy it’s only noon. Let’s tackle Pinchot too. HELL YEAH! It’s a hot and pretty steep climb (didn’t remember that one) along the red rocks, but we make it. And it’s full up there  so we quickly head back down. OMfG the colors, the landscape. I forgot it’s THAT beautiful here! My favorite rock heading down towards Woods Creek doesn’t look all that impressive in the afternoon sun though. How different the light and the landscape looks depending on what time a year you’re hiking (I think I prefer the late summer season). O well.

We head further down, the dreaded 4 miles down to the suspension bridge. It’s as nasty as I remember but not as ugly haha. My body hurts like shit when we reach the bridge. Autsch. I’m dead tired. We set up camp inbetween the the trail and a big rock and all I can do is lay down and say AUA. But still: 20 frikkin miles baby. In your face hip dysplasia! (I know I know I’m not very wise. Sometimes it’s good to be stupid :c) Maybe I’ll be smarter and kinder to my body tomorrow. Maybe…)

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