JMT II day 13: Glen Pass – Kearsarge Pass – Bring it on!

aka PCT day 63: June 21st 2015: Woods Creek – Dollar Lake – Rae Lakes – Glen Pass – Kearsarge Pass – Onion Valley Trailhead – Independence. Ca 18 miles.

It’s hard to get up after a 20 mile day. But we gotta keep moving. Glen bitch Pass is coming up. I’m tired so tired walking towards Dollar Lake. I keep thinking of home. The trail is a bit flatter along Arrowhead Lake and Rae lakes and we talk to a young ranger for a bit and enjoy the amaaazing views. And then… ya… Glen Pass… well well it’s actually not as bad as I remember. This time I know there’s a fake plateau and so I know the climbing is just a bit longer than what you can see from the bottom. We’re actually up in no time. It’s windy as fuck up there so we head down thebowl (that’s what the south side of Glen looks like to me). People look like ants on the switchbacks.

Shortly before turning left towards Vidette Meadow we have lunch and then keep going. Charlotte lake down to the right. My favorite view (above vidette meadow looking towards East Vidette and Centre Peak) in front of me. We head up Kearsarge Pass and first it’s easy but then it gets steep and my hips hurt hurt hurt. I unbuckle my hip belt carrying the weight of my pack (it’s not very heavy, there’s no food left in in ) on my shoulders hoping that helps. The pain doesn’t go away even with pain meds, but boy KEARSARGE IS BEAUTIFUL! It’s super windy up on Kearsarge Pass so we quickly head down. The decent is long but not as steep as expected, plus the landscape is gorgeous. We don’t have to wait too long to catch a ride to Independence with a music teacher family. We eat at Subway and drink crappy cheap margarita beer in the heat (damn it’s hoooot) of Owens Valley. We find a spot to cowboy camp (in fact we can’t get our tent stakes into the ground and it’s windy, so we give up trying to pitch our tent) at the Independence Creek campground. The sunset and the “Föhn” clouds are amazing. It’s too warm to sleep though so I watch the stars all night. The universe is too big to hold!

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