JMT II day 16: Forester I’m back!!!

aka PCT day 66: June 24th 2015: 3 ml before Forester – Forester Pass – Tyndall Frog Ponts – Bighorn Plateau – Crabtree Meadow – Guitar Lake. Ca 19,6 ml

We leave camp at 6:36 am (yes I checked the time on my cell phone) at 8:15 am (yes I checked again) we are up on Forester. The climb is smoooooth and easy and we got the pass all to ourselves. AWESOME! Back down in the basin we meet a very curious marmot…. o so cute. While we cruse the basin 2 or 3 other marmis (that’s how I call marmots) start a fight and all of a sudden all the other marmis in Marmi land peek out their heads to watch what’s going on in the arena. It’s funny. Marmi heads sticking out of the landscape all around us.

It’s only 11.15 am when we pass the campsite at Tyndall Frog Ponts where I camped 2 years ago. Damn we’re fast (ya I know I keep on repeating myself). Right before crossing the Bighorn Plateau we meet Redbeard, chat a bit and then hike on to have lunch in the shade of a pine tree (mmmm avocado sandwich heaven!). The afternoon is hard and hot and the trail goes up and down and my body hurts. At 5.15 pm we’re at Guitar Lake and we set up camp exactly at the same spot where I spent my last night on the JMT two years ago. The only thing missing is my ukulele this time. And TAW. And MG. And Sababa. And GQ. And Chalula. And Smoky. And that amazing alpen glow on Whitney. O hell whatever, this time it’s perfect too. There are so many different ways of perfect and I’m happy :c)

4 thoughts on “JMT II day 16: Forester I’m back!!!

  1. Hi Cat! was looking for the youtube videos that show up on the blog where you narrate your amazing encounter with that cat. They don’t open. I installed the Java plug in it requests but still the videos don’t load. Wow. Another Australian woman had a very similar unnerving experience with a mountain lion. Thanks for the great blogs.

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