Continue Smiling – A journey along the PCT

I am so proud of HQ who made a short movie about our journey along the Pacific Crest Trail.

As the title says, it’s about the ability to “continue smiling”, through pain, through ups and downs, through life. ‘Cause really when you look at life: It’s a miracle.

And so all I can do, is encourage you to keep smiling and following your heart. It’s the way to happiness! Be grateful, be who you truely are and share your gift with the world ’cause there is only one you and you got this one life to live to the fullest!!!

Here it is:

PS: While putting this video online yesterday I was in hospital and I was getting surgery scheduled. It’s gonna be hard but life always has its means of creating some sort of sense. I’ll walk my path… somehow… and next to the tears, which I am gonna cry for sure, I’ll do my best to continue smiling!!!



12 thoughts on “Continue Smiling – A journey along the PCT

  1. Love the video of your beautiful adventure! A great opportunity. I hope to hike the JMT in a few years, so far I have only completed one trip longer than 3 nights – the Wallowas in NE Oregon. I wish you luck with your surgery as well.

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  2. Hello Cat and HQ
    Loved the video and title. Very entertaining and scenic. Wish you well in your surgery.
    Have committed to be on the JMT in late August, you are one of the people that has inspired me to do this. Thank you.

    From the beautiful Pacific Northwest
    Keep on truckin”


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  3. Oh my dear! Kopf hoch!

    Tolles Video – das auf jeden Fall Fernweh macht!
    Lass dich von deinem Mann pflegen! Sicher wird er sich auch oft hilflos fühlen, aber es ist gewiss: Du bist auf keinen Fall alleine!

    Ganz viel Glück mit deiner Operation!!

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