More or Less or Just Enough

more-humanYesterday I bought a women’s magazine. I hadn’t bought one in years. While standing in line to pay my stuff I pictured myself on the couch, sipping on a glass of white wine and reading something without brains. It sounded like a good plan to me. However that thought only lasted till I opened the magazine and noticed the word “more” being used a lot. An aweful lot. “Be more human” (Reebok ad), “Want it more” (Asics); over all “more” seemed to be the way to go.

And I heard myself thinking “What the fuck?” Wearing tight sexy clothes while doing a crazy impossible yoga pose is making me more human??? And what would happen if I wanted it more? What is “it” anyway? Being fit? Having a six-pack? Being better than the rest? Or being someone else?

Cause what “more” is really saying, is that right now “I am not enough”. Not good enough the way I am. Not hot enough. Not cool enough. Not beautiful enough. Not happy enough. Not tough enough. Not chilled enough! Not! enough! I need to be more! Apparently I am lacking something. Maybe there’s a hole somewhere in my body, a space full of emptiness that makes me “not enough”, waiting and begging to be filled with “more”?

So then I went on to check my body, and I had a little talk with my heart and of course my soul had its say too, and even though we looked under the nail of both of my small toes and in that hidden lower left corner of my heart, o and also behind a strange curl in my brain, we just couldn’t find the hole.

My body was like “I never heard of that hole anyway!”; and my heart said  “Girl relax, that magazine is fooling you!” and then my soul shouted into my ear real loud (damn it almost hurt): “Fuck them!!!” Ya my soul has always been a bit of a rebel, but I like it that way.

Even when you have a look at the other side of the scale, at the world of “less and mindfulness and simplify your life” you will bump into the popular “Less is more”, mostly written in a curly font on a what seems to be recycled paper.
So now less is more too? What???
And then they want you to go buy a stone that will clean your karma.
“Fuck them!”… Ah here goes my soul again. Sorry.

more-wantFact is: Less or more or more or less are words that wanna make me believe I need to change something, that I have a hole that needs to be filled and that the writer of those words has the ultimate solution for the emptiness, for the “not enough”. Sexy yoga clothes that make my muscles (or rather not-muscles) shine through will make me more human. “Hell I better go and buy those clothes then cause I feel a little like not enough human today!” Eh!? Yeah right!

The thing is: I am no more or less. I AM ME. I am enough. More than enough… No wait… “Just Enough” will do!
See… that “more” is everywhere, creeping up on you inbetween sentences and blinks of an eye and just when you think you’ve had enough of the shit.
I don’t need to have more of this, or be less of that. I’m fine with being me. Just me. Human. Cause there’s no such thing as “more human”. Yoga won’t save my soul, nor will anything that money can buy. It doesn’t need to be saved. Even if it says “fuck” a lot.

So while I was sipping white wine and I was looking through that magazine and I searched for holes in the lower left corner of my heart ánd I almost had to put in earplugs because of my soul screaming so loud, I decided that the only things that mattered were being happy with who I am, being grateful for what I have, and loving my wild cursing soul.



PS: While I didn’t find a hole in the lower left corner of my heart, I did find a tiny little crack right in the middle between the left and right side. I assume it’s there because of my heart being broken a few times. No I don’t need more glue to repair it. And I don’t need people to be more careful loving me. It can just stay right there the way it is and people can love me in all crazy ways. No fixing needed. No more. No less. Thank you :c)


19 thoughts on “More or Less or Just Enough

  1. Good morning Cat. Brilliantly written and oh! sooooo very true. This article should be in national newspapers. And if there is just a small crack in the middle of your heart, don’t let it worry you. If anyone doesn’t love you for what you are, then that is their awful loss. – Barrie

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    • Aw thank you so much Anna. That is so kind of you to say and I am really happy to hear my English isn’t the worst. Ya it’s not my first language. My first one is Flemish (a Dutch dialect) but I never really speak it, only when I go visit my family in Belgium. I mostly speak German but I like to write in English. Somehow it’s more fun 😛

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      • Yeh I thought you were Belgian or maybe German by your blog. It was a really well written article, your English is better than mine, and I’m australian! Lol. Always enjoy your blog posts, cheers! X

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  2. You’ve learned the truth and found the key at a much younger age than most. I was just talking to a friend about the liberation or coming of age that seems to happen around 40. Many finally learn to accept and fall in love with themselves. You are a wise soul! No reason to wait till 40 when you can reap the rewards now. More and less suck, just right is living.

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    • O thank you Jan. I think my soul has always been a bit ‘old’ and has walked through many dark valleys before. It has made me so grateful for what I have and who I am becoming. Sometimes I think: ‘O I wish I had learned this or that earlier’ but then I realize it doesn’t really matter whén I learn it, as long as I learn it at some point in my life. Some lessons come easily and early, some just take time. By the way: It is wonderful and heartwarming to see how much you live and enjoy your freedom and how much you love nature! You are an inspiration! Love, Cat

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    • Mark, yesssss you are so lucky!!!! Yosemite is my favorite place in the US. I don’t know what it is exactly but it feels like home. I bet you had an amazing time! And thank you for thinking of me. Cat


  3. Superb piece, and bang on target. We are conditioned into believing that there is an inherent problem with our present experience. We grow up with an almost imperceptible but immensely powerful sense of ‘not quite right’. By the time we are adults we are adepts at not being with what presents itself to us right now. “I want to do something else, go somewhere else, be someone else, change the channel, swipe the phone screen” – but the truth is that if we accept our present experience as it is, that is the greatest change we will ever make. Trouble is, the economy would collapse! It depends almost entirely on that sense of hollowness in us that needs constant feeding, and the marketing machine’s sole task is to maintain that hollowness.
    People might think this is some new age trip, but in truth it’s about facing what we fear the most: our present, real experience.

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