Grand Canyon to Zion – Day 1: Solitude on the Ken Patrick Trail

May 18th 2018: North Rim Visitor Center – Ken Patrick Trail till Junction with the Old Bright Angel Trail – ca. 5,5 ml

grandcanyontozion394We sleep till 6:30. Or is it 7:30? 6:30? 7:30? Arizona? Utah? We’ve been state-hopping the last couple days. Back and forth. Resetting our watches. More than ever time seems non-existent. Only sunrise and sunset. The turning of days. Of the earth around the sun. Who cares what time it is?!

It’s still quiet in M&J’s RV (Daniels brother and his wonderful wife). The kids J and P are still asleep. This is the last morning we spend with them. It’s been so great to share the first few days in the States with them. They make it feel a little more like home. When all are up, we have breakfast in the sun. The kids are still tired, they need hugs and spoons with food put in their mouths. O I’ll miss these little munchkins.

We stop at the visitor center at Pipe Springs National Monument and I take my time to take a decent poo (nothing else like a good poo right?). Yesterday we started a list after eating at Taco Bell. The one who farts the least wins an ice cream. Seems like little J. is winning. But who knows how many silent little farts he has set free to dwell amongst us. Haha!

In Fredonia our ways part. I feel a bit sad and I wish we could spend some more time with them along the way. J. feels a bit like my sister in Germany and it’s so nice to have family around. We hug, take pictures and then HQ and I cross the road and put up our thumbs.

M&J haven’t even left to drive towards Brice Canyon and already a white van pulls over. A German family with 5 kids aged between 2,5 and 14. They’re on their way to Albuquerque where their oldest son is an exchange student. Where we wanna go? North Rim! That is exactly where they are going! Bamn! Perfect!

I spend the drive talking with the 2,5 year old. Sometimes those conversations make more sense than the ones with “grown-ups”.

We drive through the beautiful meadows surrounded by pine trees and still bald aspen trees. Somehow this landscape of the Kaibab Plateau touches my soul… deeply.

Before we know it we’re at the visitor center. We walk to the Bright Angel Lookout P0int, have a last coffee at the General Store (not the best coffee, but I scored 7 packages of sugar and two of honey… that’s something right!) and then make our way to the North Kaibab Trailhead where we start hiking the Ken Patrick Trail towards Point Imperial and then on to the Nankoweap Trailhead, where our route will merge with the Hayduke Route.

We only hike four miles but it’s the most quiet and lonely hike we had in years. Not a human soul around. At an amazing lookout over the rim we set up camp, eat dinner and watch the sun set and turn the landscape in the most beautiful colors.  It is so peaceful here!!!

IMG_3238grandcanyontozion391grandcanyontozion393 IMG_3257 IMG_3267IMG_3270

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