Grand Canyon to Zion – Day 5 and 6: Up the Tanner Trail + A zero

Day 5: May 22nd 2016: 1 ml past Lava Canyon Rapid – Tanner Trail – Lipan Point, don’t know the miles

grandcanyontozion446We’re going up! No way I’m gonna hike the Escalante Route with these crazy stormy winds! Hiking up feels good and easy and smooth. Even if it’s all the way up from the river to the rim. When the wind ain’t blowing like crazy we open our umbrella and it allows us to keep hiking even when it’s getting hot.

The last part of the Tanner trail is frikkin steep and hard but after 7 hours of climbing we make it to Lipan Point. We hitch to the village, get a campspot at Mather Campground, eat pizza and refill our cup a thousand times. Damn right. BLISS.

Day 6: May 23rd 2016: Zeeeero on the South Rim. Hell yeah :c)

IMG_3644 IMG_3649 IMG_3653 IMG_3657 IMG_3659

grandcanyontozion443 grandcanyontozion444

IMG_3664IMG_3666IMG_3672grandcanyontozion445 grandcanyontozion448

IMG_3678IMG_3679IMG_3681IMG_3687IMG_3699grandcanyontozion449 grandcanyontozion450 grandcanyontozion451 grandcanyontozion452 grandcanyontozion453 grandcanyontozion454 grandcanyontozion457 grandcanyontozion458


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