North Dome and Yosemite Falls

June 6th 2016: North Dome – Upper Yosemite Falls – Lower Yosemite Falls – Yosemite Valley

grandcanyontozion513We only leave at 7am. I need time. But then a hummingbird flies by and tells me everything is ok. Hummingbirds always are a good sign.

We cruise all the way to Upper Yosemite Falls. It’s such an easy trail. But then I crash. I am so tired, so spent. Not just my body, mostly my mind. The night has taken it’s toll. My motivation is zero. I don’t wanna continue to the top of El Cap. I wanna go down and sleep. I just wanna sleep. So we head down 3000 feet / 1000 meter and it takes all of my concentration to not slip on the steep trail down along Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. By 1 pm we’re down and we can only shake our heads over the people who wanna start hiking up this late, in this heat. They’re not even .5 miles in and they are already breathing heavily and their heads have to color of overripe tomatoes. “We should come sit here in the afternoon, ” I say to HQ “at the side of the trail, drinking coffee and eating ice cream and laughing about the stupidity of the human race.” It’s ridiculous really. (Ya I know I’m a bitch, I know they are at least spending time outside, and at least they are hiking, so I do not entirely mean what I say, but still… maybe a little.)

We take the shuttle and it is not even on the weekend and the shuttle is spilling over and is too late. Aramark (that has taken over all the services in Yosemite) just hasn’t figured it out yet. A 20 minute shuttle service doesn’t work Aramark, especially not in times of “Find your park”. How long will you need to learn that?

Back at the backpackers camp we have lunch, bathe in Tenaya Creek, sleep, go to the supermarket and are lazy. O I’m so tired.  In the evening we meet Ansel who hiked the PCT in 1992 and now is an art-teacher at Mammoth High School. Must have been so amazing hiking the PCT in 1992 where the word “crowds” didn’t yet exist.

PS: While hiking down from Upper Yosemite Fall I wonder how people manage to continue smelling “fresh” (read perfume and artificial stuff smell). How the fuck do they do that? A little later we meet a girl putting deodorant on her hands (!) and on her neck and all over. Oooo so thát’s how you do it!

grandcanyontozion514 grandcanyontozion515 IMG_4430 IMG_4432


After rinse number 1 :c) :c) :c)


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