Sardinia: Raw and wild and beautiful!

sardinia28My little brother Ruben who used to say “I’ll never get married” got married. He happens to live in Sardinia, in a beautiful traditional village called “Ulassai”. He and his wife, together with 4 friends, have turned their dream into reality. They bought a big old house in the centre of Ulassai, worked their asses off and opened a climbers hostel called “Nannai climbing home“, additional to bolting tons of new routes in the rocks around Ulassai. Man I tell you it’s paradise! Sun, climbing, beautiful but affordable rooms, good company and only half an hour drive to the turquoise colored mediterranean sea, where you can hang your hammock between some pine trees and let your soul float. 

Anyway. Ruben got married. Everybody came. Family and all the crazy climber friends from Belgium, the UK (his beautiful wife is British) and Italy. A ceremony under an old tree, local food, touching speeches, a donkey and a beehive for presents, wild dancing and too much alcohol. Climbers know how to party, and then how to sleep in long (very long), and then how to climb (hard).

After the marriage Roots and I decided to stay for another week and so we went hiking, climbing and swimming in the mediterranean sea.

Sardinia somehow someway touched my soul. It’s wild and raw and traditional. The people still live in connection with nature, everyone in the village makes their own olive oil, goats and cows roam freely.

We would have loved to stay longer to discover more of the island, but we’ll be back as soon as I can walk again after the surgery (nope, I’m not chopped into pieces yet, gotta wait till December ;c).

I didn’t keep a journal this time, but I took tons of pictures, so here we go:

sardinia05 sardinia06 sardinia07 sardinia08 sardinia09 dsc_08502.jpg.jpeg dsc_07822.jpg.jpeg dsc_08732.jpg.jpeg dsc_07882.jpg.jpeg dsc_0794222.jpg.jpeg dsc_0982.jpg dsc_09042.jpg.jpeg dsc_10092.jpg.jpeg dsc_10352.jpg.jpeg

sardinia11 sardinia13 sardinia14 sardinia15 dsc_11592.jpg.jpegsardinia17 sardinia18 sardinia19 sardinia20 sardinia21 sardinia22 sardinia23 sardinia25 sardinia26 sardinia27 sardinia29 sardinia30 sardinia31 sardinia33 dsc_14082.jpg.jpeg dsc_13962.jpg.jpeg dsc_13832.jpg.jpeg dsc_13482.jpg.jpeg dsc_14292.jpg.jpeg dsc_14222.jpg.jpeg dsc_14122.jpg.jpeg dsc_1332.jpg dsc_13232.jpg.jpeg dsc_13182.jpg.jpeg img_20160831_174636.jpg dsc_13022.jpg.jpeg dsc_12552.jpg.jpeg dsc_1207.jpg dsc_11672.jpg.jpeg dsc_11882.jpg.jpeg dsc_11332.jpg.jpeg dsc_1118.jpg

sardinia16sardinia52  sardinia54sardinia50



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