Dayhiking around Zermatt: Täschalp – Leisee – Täschalp

taschalp19Hiking close to Zermatt normally is expensive. I don’t like expensive. Zermatt is car-free, which I do think is not the baddest thing, however… It’s a moneymaking machine… It doesn’t feel like all the efforts made are about the environment but much more about making as much money as possible. They even call it “Matterhorn paradise” for the tons of tourists that take the cable cars up to Sunnega and the Görnergrat. Feels a bit like Disneyland. I don’t like Disneyland either.

Anyway, we found a way around the moneymaking machine and had a wonderful dayhike with great views on the Matterhorn, away from all the so called paradises and crowds in never worn urban outdoor clothes.

In Täsch you normally have to park your car in one of the big parking buildings and then take the shuttle to Zermatt. We decided not to do that, instead drive up to Täschalp and start hiking from there. Täschalp is a small “village” where the cows roam freely.

From Täschalp we hiked up to Ober Sattla and from there took the closed trail to connect with the Europaweg. I admit it might not be the smartest choice to take the closed trail. We decided we’d check why the trail was closed and decide for ourselves whether we could take the risk or not. The trail was closed due to frequent rockfall and the trail had been washed away quite a bit. We’ve seen worse and been in much crazier situations than this, so we went for it. A risk? Yes. I would not recommend it to the “general public” (if there’s anything like that), but we decided to live (or die) with the risk and crossed the area fast and without pausing.

After 2 or 3 kilometers the trail joined with the Europaweg, an easy trail that we followed all the way till Sunnegga and the Leisee, where we had lunch observing the tourists in their fine clothes :c) Humans are such funny animals to observe! Lots to learn!

As for the hike back we decided to follow the Europaweg all the way back to Täschalp, passing Unter Sattla instead of Ober Sattla along the closed trail.


taschalp11taschalp12 taschalp13 dsc_1480.jpg dsc_1500.jpg dsc_1507.jpg dsc_15192.jpg.jpeg    taschalp04 taschalp03

Castor Pollux Breithorn

Castor, Pollux, Breithorn. Roots climbed them all.

dsc_15432.jpg.jpeg taschalp14 taschalp15 dsc_1604.jpg taschalp16 taschalp18 taschalp06 taschalp07 taschalp05 taschalp09 taschalp20

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