Who is Walkingwomad? Walkingwomad is me…. Helen (Catwoman on trail… but you can call me Cat ;c)! I’m a Belgian living in Germany (for over more than 15 years now).

In normal (not sure what that means!?) life I studied Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Archaeology (Assyriology to be exact… Yes I am a freak!) and Social Work with specializations in Animal Assisted Therapy (with llamas and alpacas), Public Health and Outdoor- and Wilderness Education. My partner Dan and I run a wilderness school, where we teach and offer wilderness-, outdoor- and ancestral skills, nature connection and rites of passage. We live in a tiny cabin in the middle of the woods and fields. No running water, no electricity, no bathroom, instead we get fresh air, meet wild animals and hear the song of the wind in the pine trees.
I guess it’s obvious I spend most of my time outdoors. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Nature is the home of my heart and soul and in nature I truely belong.

I’m passionate about landscapes, languages, animals, traveling and hiking. And I love a bit of adventure once in a while!

Love, Cat



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