Getting ready for the Haute Route / High Route Chamonix – Zermatt

When we were kids our parents took us hiking in the Alps. We loved Switzerland and when we left the flat and tiny country Belgium is and drove to those majestic mountains, each year again our mouths would fall open, we’d rubb our eyes like as if we couldn’t believe something like that really existed.

Now when I write hiking, I mean “real hiking”. Na a not to the nearest swimming pool, but rather we’d hike high up to snowy passes, across glaciers, … We’d get up at 5 in the morning and start hiking at first daylight to make sure we’d be able to cross the glaciers before the midday sun would make the ice all mushy and soft. We weren’t fast but hell we always did it and we were proud as can be when we reached the pass, the hut or the summit. One time we climbed towards Cabane de Bertol and met a belgian climbers team hiking the Haute Route. My brother (who was 9 or 10 back then) joined them towards the hut and reached the hut first. Man he rocked it!!! Anyway that was the first time I heard about the Haute Route. At the age of 11 I actually never thought I’d ever hike the Haute Route myself (even though my dream back then was climbing Mount Everest haha).
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Hiking across the Teide National Park – Tenerife

Cat about to rock the Teide!

First decent hikingtrip of the season: Check! First camping on a snowfield at 3400m (11154ft): Check! First sunburn of the year: Check! First cactus fig picking and eating: Check! First time nauseous of gaining too much elevation meters in one day: Check! My hikingtrip across Tenerife was a trip of “firsts”. And it was a trip of “finally-s”: Finally, I’m hiking again! Finally, I’m out in the wild again! Finally, my feet do what they are ment for again! Finally, I’m eating shitty backpackers food again! Finally finally finally!
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Pico del Teide… here I come!

Yesterday I started preparing for our hike across Teneriffa… Eh jep apart from gear and food, there ain’t much to prepare. We have a map, know where we wanna go, we’ll see what we get when we’re out there. Wuhuuu I can’t wait to be hiking again. Nothing like a thru-hike, I know, but at least HIKING!
My gearlist is very similar to my JMT gearlist, except that I won’t bring a tent but a tarp and no bearcan haha. I think I’ll go without a rainjacket (no rain in forecast), but maybe will take another lightweight downjacket. I haven’t weighed my backpack yet (jeeee girl!) but it feels pretty lightweight! As for food, whoops I think I have toooo much. O well whatever, I’ll try to eat like a trailmonster :cP
Anyway, I’ll be back in one week and tell you guys all about it. Meanwhile: Happy trails to all of you (those lucky PCT bastards are about to hit the trail! Go hiker trash!!!!!)!!!!!!

The Rockland Legend Trail

Go figure… Just about 1,5 h driving from my place starts a trail called the “Rockland Legend Trail”. If you now picture deep canyons, rapid rivers and high mountains I might have to disappoint you. Yet after my 3-day hike along this trail I still concluded… hiking in Europe ain’t that bad after all. It do is very different from hiking in America, except for the part where you put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. In Europe we don’t have many big wilderness areas left so you’ll be going through little villages and towns at least once a day. No worries about resupplying or water yet also no getting away from it all for days and days and getting back into your “natural mode” (which to me is one of the greatest things about hiking in a country with huge non-civilized areas). Anyway, back to the Rockland Legend Trail. I guess the trail just opened a few years ago. The trailsigns all seem to be very new and it looks like hardly anyone has been hiking there (though that might of course be because of the fact it’s still winter here).The trailsign definitely is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen… a little blue ghost making a peacesign (or do ghosts only have two fingers???)…
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