Day 20: Kiss the ground girl! Kiss the ground!

Wednesday 11th September 2013: Upper Pallisade Lake – Mather Pass – Marjorie Lake

Fiiiinally I had a good nights sleep and woke up early to hit Mather Pass. What a great and amazing climb. Beautiful views of the Pallisade Lakes. I did feel that I was getting up high. Wow the hightest my own feet ever took me. THANK YOU FEET! 3688m! And I’m gonna break that record again tomorrow. Wuhuuu!
Up on Mather Pass we met a woman doing the High Sierra Route on her own, being  a professional backcountry photographer! Pretty cool!
The switchbakcs down were nice and smooth… Though somehow the ground wanted to kiss me! As I was making a little video I twisted my ankle which made me tumble… AND O YEAH!

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Day 19: A tortuce on the golden staircase

Tuesday 10th September 2013: Middle Fork – Golden Staircase – Upper Palisade Lake

Though I didn’t sleep too much tonight, my knee felt better and after a great breakfast (have to remember: I like MH Granola with blueberries) We left camp at 8am. First going gently uphill through a beautiful green forest with ferns. The sun became hot very quickly and in the heath of the day we started climbing the golden staircase.
DAMN THAT WAS GREAT! I kinda loved that climb. SLOW BUT STEADY LIKE A TORTUCE. The views were just stunning, breathtaking, amazing.

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Day 18: Beauty overload!

Monday 9th September 2013: Wanda Lake – Muir Pass – Le Conte Canyon

Bad night’s sleep. Rain. Early wake up. Sunrise over Wanda Lake. 2 Coffees. Early leave. 1 hour to Muir Hut. 30 minutes Muir Hut loneliness. Ukulele playing on the doorsteps. HELEN LAKE. Loooong way down. Dizzy. Tired. Need water. Toooo much nature beauty to take in. Give me a break nature. Give me a boring forest. NOT. Aua my heart. GREATNESS OF NATURE! HUMBLE ME. Heart spilling over. Impressive huge rocky mountains, waterfalls, meadows. Me. Dead. Tired. Stumbling down 4000 feet. Knee hurt. Tired. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH ROCK MONSTER!!!!!! Energy boost. Funny family pics. 5 more miles to go. WHAT???? O damn. Look down. No. Look those mountains. Sun hiding behind. Rainclouds can’t get over. Dust thrown up. Mystical atmosphere. Knee Auaaaaa… How much longer? Fight! I wanted to do this. Keep going. Thank you trees for the shade. Sooo much beauty! Finally! Camp! Food! Eat! Pee! Poo! Bed! GRATEFUL!!!!

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Day 17: Evolution Valley touching my heart!

Sunday 8th September 2013: McClure Meadow – Evolution Valley – Wanda Lake

Today I got up early and had a great breakfast whilst enjoying the MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE I’ve ever seen. At about 8:10am TAW and I left camp, leaving the boys and MG behind… knowing we’d meet them at Wanda Lake at our next campspot. We climbed out of the valley and my pack didn’t feel as heavy as yesterday. In fact I felt great and I enjoyed hiking and chatting and taking in the amazing views.

As we hit Evolution Lake my eyes filled with tears cuz I hardly could take in all that beauty.

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Day 16: OH that HEAVY pack!!!

Saturday 7th September 2013: Muir Trail Ranch to McClure Meadow

In the morning I went over to the dining room for breakfast. OMG!!! I ate like a monster: burrito, cereal, wafels,… That was so damn GOOD GOOD GOOD. I ate like as if there is no tomorrow and I “borrowed” (ok I took it… I’m so sorry MTR but it really was for a good cause!) food for my family out there in the wilderness. While they all enjoyed their burritos, fruits and chocolate, TAW played the ukulele. GREAT!

Then we hit the trail. O damn damn damn it promised to be a fucking hard day cuz my pack felt so so so heavy! Loads of people crossed our trail while still being close to MTR and I suddenly felt all ANTI-SOCIAL. I didn’t feel like meeting people. Dammit… get outta my way you speeding people! Tilt made the right comment saying ” This is like a freakin’ highway!”. Though luckely after a few hours it got way more quiet and

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DAY 15: A KITKAT for CAT!!!! Resupplying at MTR!!!!!!

Friday 6th September 2013: Sallie Keyes Lake – Muir Trail Ranch:

Wow this must have been a cold night cuz when I put my sleeping bag on the rocks ice would form on it. (My sleeping bag has been named “THE MOTHERSHIP” cuz I have the warmest and fluffiest bag of us all… yeah!) After breakfast TAW played the ukulele and I sang when the sun rose over the rim of the mountains. It was just perfect. Right now everybody is packing their stuff and I am enjoying the sun and the gentle breeze at Sallie Keyes Lakes. O man!
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DAY 14: Tooooo much beauty OH GREAT MOTHER EARTH!!!

Thursday 5th September 2013: Rosemarie Meadow – Marie Lake – Selden Pass – Sallie Keyes Lakes:

After a great nights sleep I watched the sun rise on the mountains around Rosemarie Meadow. Again it took us ages to break camp…. Jeeeee seems like I’m getting slower every day (well hm that’s what you get when you unpack the Ukulele after breakfast… wouldn’t wanna miss that though!!!!!)

Wow I can’t believe this is day 14 already. It doesnt’t feel like it. But I love it that my body does so damn great (well except for my knee but that was my own fault, hiking more than 25miles in one day before I leave)! So far I haven’t had any muscle aches, blisters or what so ever! That’s amazing!!!
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