Day 17: Evolution Valley touching my heart!

Sunday 8th September 2013: McClure Meadow – Evolution Valley – Wanda Lake

Today I got up early and had a great breakfast whilst enjoying the MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE I’ve ever seen. At about 8:10am TAW and I left camp, leaving the boys and MG behind… knowing we’d meet them at Wanda Lake at our next campspot. We climbed out of the valley and my pack didn’t feel as heavy as yesterday. In fact I felt great and I enjoyed hiking and chatting and taking in the amazing views.

As we hit Evolution Lake my eyes filled with tears cuz I hardly could take in all that beauty.

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Day 16: OH that HEAVY pack!!!

Saturday 7th September 2013: Muir Trail Ranch to McClure Meadow

In the morning I went over to the dining room for breakfast. OMG!!! I ate like a monster: burrito, cereal, wafels,… That was so damn GOOD GOOD GOOD. I ate like as if there is no tomorrow and I “borrowed” (ok I took it… I’m so sorry MTR but it really was for a good cause!) food for my family out there in the wilderness. While they all enjoyed their burritos, fruits and chocolate, TAW played the ukulele. GREAT!

Then we hit the trail. O damn damn damn it promised to be a fucking hard day cuz my pack felt so so so heavy! Loads of people crossed our trail while still being close to MTR and I suddenly felt all ANTI-SOCIAL. I didn’t feel like meeting people. Dammit… get outta my way you speeding people! Tilt made the right comment saying ” This is like a freakin’ highway!”. Though luckely after a few hours it got way more quiet and

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DAY 15: A KITKAT for CAT!!!! Resupplying at MTR!!!!!!

Friday 6th September 2013: Sallie Keyes Lake – Muir Trail Ranch:

Wow this must have been a cold night cuz when I put my sleeping bag on the rocks ice would form on it. (My sleeping bag has been named “THE MOTHERSHIP” cuz I have the warmest and fluffiest bag of us all… yeah!) After breakfast TAW played the ukulele and I sang when the sun rose over the rim of the mountains. It was just perfect. Right now everybody is packing their stuff and I am enjoying the sun and the gentle breeze at Sallie Keyes Lakes. O man!
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DAY 14: Tooooo much beauty OH GREAT MOTHER EARTH!!!

Thursday 5th September 2013: Rosemarie Meadow – Marie Lake – Selden Pass – Sallie Keyes Lakes:

After a great nights sleep I watched the sun rise on the mountains around Rosemarie Meadow. Again it took us ages to break camp…. Jeeeee seems like I’m getting slower every day (well hm that’s what you get when you unpack the Ukulele after breakfast… wouldn’t wanna miss that though!!!!!)

Wow I can’t believe this is day 14 already. It doesnt’t feel like it. But I love it that my body does so damn great (well except for my knee but that was my own fault, hiking more than 25miles in one day before I leave)! So far I haven’t had any muscle aches, blisters or what so ever! That’s amazing!!!
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DAY 13: One foot in front of the other on the Dragon’s back!

Wednesday 4th September 2013: VVR-Junction to Rosemarie Meadow:

Wow, today was kind of a rough day. We hit the Dragon’s Back (unendless switchbacks through pine and aspen forest) five minutes after breaking camp (which we did like waaaaay tooo late… hoping our stuff would get dry…. yeah NOT!). I felt ok going uphill thouhg my knee was hurting. Yet the next part of the trail… I don’t know. I felt so slow even if the terrain was pretty easy. Luckely at some point we reached Bear Creek and we had a great bath! That was so DAMN GOOD and I felt really refreshed. Still it was a good thing we only had another 3 miles till camp at Rosemarie Meadow, where we had a lovely little fire and waited for shooting stars giving us wishes! Continue reading

DAY 12: Silver Pass in the HAIL

Thursday 3th September 2013: Virginia Lake – Silver Pass – VVRjunction:
I woke up early at Virginia Lake. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cereals left for breakfast so I had to stuff in the oatmeal that I started hating… It just tastes disgusting!
We left at about 9am, ready for a 13 mile day… And oh boy, that was a day! After Virginia Lake it went all downhil and the next moment if went uphill all the way to silver pass. Jeeeeeee the scenery was so damn stunning. We went through so many different landscapes. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. My heart had difficulties taking in all thet BEAUTY. Holy Spirit!
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DAY 11: Fighting the mountain lions in my head

Monday 2nd September 2013: Deer Creek – Purple Lake – Virginia Lake: After breakfast I was
the first to get moving. I felt like hiking alone and I was pretty fast. The first 4 miles after Deer Creek I hiked uphill through a forest and I kinda freaked out cuz I imagined a mountain lion in every tree. As I saw three deer running away I stopped breathing for a sec and I heard my heart banging in my ears. I started imagining me being a wolf and I was all ready to fight. Meanwhile words came to my head. And I kept repeating and repeating and repeating them. Here’s how they go:
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DAY 10: Smooth and easy!!!

Sunday 1st September 2013: Reds Meadow to Deer Creek:

Today we all got up pretty early cause we were all craving for a ‘merican breakfast at the Mule’s Café (hahaha the POWER OF FOOD!!!) After packing all our stuff we headed over there for the third time and I ate my FIRST AMERICAN PANCAKES (damn right that’s a epic moment to remember!!!!) Jihaaaaaa! O man! I was totally stuffed but we had to get going. It was so SAD to leave LINDSEY! Really really really too bad that she has to go back to work!
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Day 9: Go wolf!

Saturday 31th August 2013: Rosalie Lake – Gladys Lake – Devils Postpile – Reds Meadow:

I had the most lovely campspot at Rosalie Lake, safely tucked in by pinetrees. Still I didn’t sleep too much. As I got up TAW and MG were up already and we had a nice lazy breakfast. Ha I looove breakfast! By 8:30 am I left camp and headed to Gladys Lake. I kinda enjoyed hiking alone but it did feel great to know that TAW and MG were right behind me. And it was funny tracking Lindsey’s an the boys’ footprints till Gladys Lake. The scenery was pretty impressive… huge huge huge trees… it somehow had a special atmosphere. I noticed me having a hard time having a quiet mind, not having conversations in my head, Continue reading

Day 8: Swearing, cursing?! HELL YEAH I’m on the frikkin JMT!!!!

Friday 30th august 2013: 1000 Island lake – Garnet Lake – Rosalie Lake:
Today I woke up early enough to see the sun rise and the BEAUTIFUL ALPENGLOW climbing the mountains around 1000 island lakes! That was such a great start of the day even if I hardly slept at night. O man! I REALLY HAVE TO STOP WORRYING ABOUT ANIMALS COMING BY AT NIGHT! I had all my JMTfriends and Tilt closeby and still… Now I worried about critters biting thru my tent… In the morning the noise turned out to be just the tentfly scratching against some dry grass. O dear! I have to relax! The coyotes didn’t bother me anymore as soon as I thought: Well they’re just like our foxes in Europe.
Anyway… we had a lazy but wonderful breakfast (enjoying sunrise) and we only left camp by noon. Tilt went for a run up the mountain and brought back some freakin’ snow and ice!!! HAHAHA!!! We made a SNOWMAN right at 1000 island Lake and after that the boys started playing basebal with the iceball and a trekking pole! O DAMN that was sooooooooo funny!!!
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