JMT II day 6: From purple to silver

aka PCT day 56:  June 14th 2015: Deer Creek – Purple Lake – Lake Virginia – Silver Pass – Silver Pass Lake. Ca. 17 ml

Smooth and steady climb till Purple Lake. I walk without fear, not like 2 years ago, where I ran and wrote the “I am to be wild” poem in my head. Beautiful views down the valley. We meet tons of people we know, like the Ravens and Pantera. We have an apple break at Purple Lake and head on towards Lake Virginia where we have a great lunchbreak. We soak our feet, I take a sun bath aaah wonderful! Now ready for Silver Pass? O well yes. But first down to Tully Hole. The views are frikkin BREATHTAKING. Continue reading

JMT II day 5: Hiker box resupply

aka PCT day 55: June 13th 2015: Rosalie Lake – Reds Meadow – Deer Creek. Ca. 15ml

We hike down the 9 miles to Reds. It’s beautiful, but also a bit boring. We’re fast but, thinking of the food at the mule’s café, it feels not fast enough. There are thousands of mosquitoes at Gladys Lake and the last miles to Devils Postpile seem to take aaaages. We still get there at 10:30 am. We start resupplying out of the hikers box and two men come to chat with us and give us food. Awesooome! Now we don’t have to go down into Mammoth for a resupply but can just resupply here. We buy a few extra things in the store and are done. We eat burgers at the Mule’s Cafe (yummm) and then hikers start coming in. Continue reading

JMT II – day 4: A thousand islands, a thousand lakes

aka PCT day 54 . June 12th 2015: Lake underneath Donahue Pass – Donahue Pass – Island Pass – Thousand Island Lake – Emerald Lake – Ruby Lake – Shadow Lake – Rosalie Lake. Ca 15ml

DonahuePass7I wake up and feel like as if a heavy load has fallen off my shoulders. Sometimes it’s good to let everything out, the hurt feelings, the disappointments, the haunting ghosts. It gives them less power if you look them in the face, if you don’t let them grow in silence, if you don’t feed them chunks of your soul.

We hike up Donahue as if it’s nothing. Holy moly my legs got strong baby! After just 45 minutes we’re on the the pass, take a quick pic and hike down. It’s gorgeously green. Water everywhere, flowers o the wild flowers and… mozzies.

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JMT II – day 3: Thunder in my soul

aka PCT day 53 – June 11th 2015: Upper Cathedral Lake – Tuolumne Meadows – Lyell Canyon – Lake underneath Donahue Pass, 15-16 ml

Lyellcanyon7Bad sleep. So tired. Condensation. Everything damp. But the sky is clear. My heart weeps walking over the sandy patch of soil next to Cathedral Peak where I first met MG and TAW two years ago. I wanna sit down and cry but I walk on, down to Tuolumne.
The trees breath their damp breath into the warmer getting air. It’s beautiful. We have breakfast at the grill but it’s frikkin not worth the money. My food is cold and not well cooked.
A lady who can’t finish her plate gives us her left overs. I feel like we’re treated as homeless people, but I know she just wants to be kind to us. She says she always feels sorry for us hikers. Poor lady, how would she know nature is our home and maybe she should rather feel sorry for those millions of people caught in cities, fulltime jobs and unhappy relationships.
We do a quick resupply in the tiny store and then head on towards Lyell Canyon.

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Strong legs and happy hearts

It’s June eighteenth. Day 10 on the John Muir Trail. We hike down Muir Pass. Yesterday we camped at Mc Clure Meadow, watched the setting sun color the mountains in red, orange and pink. A group of deer grazing just a few meters away. Perfect!
The downclimb of Muir Pass southbound is the way I remember it… a bitch… beautiful but still… A bitch. I told you so I say to HQ. Ya but I didn’t expect thís he replies. We curse while we stumble our way down… It’s cursing with a smile on our faces. We’ve gotten fast though. I’m almost twice as fast as when I hiked the same path two years ago. Does it matter? I guess not. My ego do is kinda pleased. My hips are not. They don’t like the Sierra. They hurt. So instead of going fast I try to be disciplined in going slow. I’m not too good at it. Society has thaught me differently. Time is money, fast is good, higher, better, more more more. Maybe we should start learning and teaching ‘going slow’. Wouldn’t that be the best thing to teach our kids? To slow down, to see, to smell, to breath, to hear, to listen to the voices of their heart? It’s not easy in times like these. But it’s important. I think it’s a key to happiness (just like gratitude)!
We have seen a lot of unhappy PCT-hiker faces lately. Grumpy faces hiding behind growing beards… rushing by… running from A to B… from somewhere to nowhere… from lost till found?
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Day 1 to 5 on the John Muir Trail: From Yosemite Valley till Deer Creek

Here I go again. Ready to hit the JMT for the second time. It’s funny how 2 years ago I started preparing for my solo thruhike probably like 6 months in advance and now… O well I just hike. Not much planning, just hiking. We sent one resupply box to VVR and that’s it. But damn my legs are so much stronger now. It’s awesome. Continue reading

My second summer in the Sierra

How many days have we been in the Valley? I don’t know. I loose track of time and days. I forget and try to remember. People ask me What has been your favorite part, your favorite view so far? It’s a question I cannot answer. Everything has turned into one, one experience, one day, one breath, one blink of an eye. My head turns into a box of memories. A box in which I look for the images I’ve taken with my mind, the emotions I went through, the feelings I lived. It’s the kind of box you store under the roof of your house, where spiders weave their webs over, filled with memories of your childhood, of a relationship, of something you wanna save a part of so from time to time you can get the box down, blow off the dust, open it carefully and then let the memories slide through your hands like old bleached photographs. Continue reading

Day 46: Magic meetings on the road to Yosemite Valley

I wake up at 6:15 am. The bus to Mammoth leaves right now I whisper to HQ with a sleepy voice. Ya he says. And then we turn around and sleep till 7. I go down to the lobby of the Dow Villa hotel, get myself some coffee and get back in bed. O this feels like heaven. Sometimes the backcountry feels like heaven and sometimes a hotelbed does. We’re both relaxed, enjoy the breakfast in bed and do not worry one single second that we didn’t take the bus. We pack our stuff… slowly. Take a shower… slowly. I somehow have a feeling it’s a good thing we didn’t take the bus. I feel as if we are gonna meet people and we have something to share with them. In a way hitchhiking is letting other people allow you to step into their lives, just for a bit, but maybe still long enough to make a difference, to make someone smile or touch a heart. Continue reading

Die ersten 1200 km auf’m PCT / De eerste 1200 km op de PCT

Ich dachte, es ist mal an der Zeit einen kürzen Zwischenbericht auf Deutsch (bitte entschuldigt für die Fehler!) und Niederländisch (verder beneden) für unsere Familien und Freunde in Deutschland und Belgien zu schreiben.
1200 km sind wir mittlerweile näher an Kanada ‘rangekommen. 1200 km voller besonderen Erfahrungen, Begegnungen mit Mensch, Tier, Natur und uns selbst. Es fällt mir schwer über die ersten 45 Tage in einem Bericht zu schreiben. Es gibt so viele Eindrücke, so viele Aussichten, so viele Gespräche, so viele Sonnenauf- und untergänge, die alle versuchen einen Platz in meine Erinnerungen zu ergattern. Ich denke an unseren ersten Meilen, an den Grenzzaun zwischen Mexico und den USA… Wie glücklich wir uns schätzen dürfen, dass wir unsere Träume leben dürfen!

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