My PCT 2015 gearlist currently looks like this: 

Some things -like a bearcan and some small items- are still missing. My Base Pack Weight currently is around 8 lbs / 3,8 kg.

Big 3: Backpack, Shelter, Sleepsystem 

oz g
Backpack Gossamer Gear Gorilla 24,7 701
Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xlite S 8,21 230
Zpacks 10 degree sleeping bag 19,64 550
Pillowcase Thermarest Ultralight (aka clothes bag) 0,96 27
Shelter – Yama Mountain Gear  – Daniel (who is gonna hike with me) will carry our shelter as well as our cook system :cP Lucky meee :c)

Cook system/food (We’ll be going stoveless in the desert, maybe use the MSR Pocket Rocket in the Sierra.)

Sea to Summit Alpha light spoon 0,32 9
Cup for coffee,… 1,43 40

Rain gear                                                                

Rainjacket OR Helium II 5,82 163
Rainpants Montane mimimus pants (Washington only) 5,21 146
Umbrella Euroschirm 8,07 226

Hydration system                                     

Aquamira A+B (refilled in dropper bottles) 1,43 40
Platypus 2 x 2 L (desert only) 2,14 60
2 Gatorate or Smartwater bottles

Clothes carried            

T Shirt LS Arc’teryx Motus Crew 3,57 100
Desert shirt Graghoppers (not sure, maybe I just use the LS) 8,07 226
Leggings Arc’teryx Phase SL 2,86 80
Windpants Patagonia Houdini 2,96 83
Windshirt Patagonia Houdini 3,64 102
Puffy: Quetchua Down jacket 8,21 230
Fleece hat Meru 1,43 40
Thin fleece gloves Quetchua 0,68 19
Montane prism mittens (Sierra and Washington only) 2,07 58
1 pair extra underwear Arc’teryx Phase SL Briefs 0,86 24
Darn Tough socks 2,29 64
Seal Skinz socks (Sierra and Washington only) 2,64 74
Injinji socks lightweight minicrew (desert only) 1,04 29
Sleep socks 0,68 19

Other stuff

Photon freedom finger light 0,29 8
Canon Power Shot G15 12,50 350
2 extra camera batteries 2,93 82
Battery charger, Stick pic
Cell phone 4,61 129
sea to summit bag (foodbag) 0,93 26
Yama Mountain Gear  cuben stuff sacks
Toiletries (toothbrush/paste, sunscreen, soap and handsanitizer in little dropper bottle)
Repair kit (needle, thread, superglue, tape) 0,75 21
Victorinox tiny pocket knife 0,89 25
1 mini bic lighter
Pack liner: Heavy duty trash bag
Pee rag
First Aid kit
Journal 3,57 100
Water color kit (I love to paint in my journal) 1,07 30
Passport, money, credit card 2,32 65

Clothes worn                                                               

Tshirt SS North Face 3,21 90
Shorts Arc’teryx Womens Cita 3,96 111
darn tough socks 2,29 64
Arc’teryx Phase SL Briefs 0,86 24
Marmot Visor 1,79 50
Bandana 0,64 18
Mogul Bra 1,11 31
Trail Runners: Altra Lone Peak 2.0 17,00 476
Dirty Girl Gaiters 1,07 30
Trekking poles Komperdell Vibrastop Voila 14,29 400


4 thoughts on “Gear

  1. Hi Cat!
    I am planning on hiking the PCT next spring, and I was wondering about your gear; most retailers such as Gossamer Gear, Zpacks are easy and cheap to order when living in the US, however not when living in Europe! I would love to make my gear as light and as cheap as possible, which entails me buying most of it in the US (I live in Europe as well!) Thus I am planning on buying a lot when I get to the US, which will probably be a week before I start the hike. What do you think about this? I too wish to buy stuff from Gossamer Gear and Zpacks, and they’re both online-only. How did you buy your gear? I am following your blogposts by the way, and I wish I could be there with you all! 🙂
    Safe hiking!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Emilie, I had most of my gear (from American companies) sent to a friend in the US and I picked it up prior to my hike. The companies will send packages to Europe though but shipping can be expensive and you might have to pay extra taxes depending on what country you live in. I mostly don’t have problems when I have something sent to my address in Germany, but last time I got a package in Belgium it was stuck in customs for weeks… Have fun preparing for the PCT!!! Cat


    • Kristine, it was perfect for the JMT. Bur it really depends on what the temps are like the time you’re hiking. In 2015 I hiked the JMT in June and it was pretty warm compared to when I hiked the JMT in september 2013 (back then I used the western mountaineering antelope… A bit of an overkill but it was nice and warm during some freezing nights haha) Anyway, overall I’d say it’s perfect and next time I hike through I’m gonna bring that same Zpacks 10degrees bag 😉 Cheers, Cat


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