* Numerous undocumented hikes all over Europe, South- and Central America and New Zealand

* John Muir Trail 2013

* Sectionhikes on the Rheinsteig 2013, 2014

* Felsenland Sagenweg Germany – France 2014

* Across Tenerife, summit Teide 2014

* Hikers Haute Route Switzerland 2014

* From Campo to Yosemite: 1000 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail 2015

* Canary Islands “La Gomera” and “Tenerife” 2016

* Grand Canyon to Zion – Along the Hayduke and Arizona Trail  2016 

* Day- and Sectionhikes along the PCT in Oregon and Northern California 2017

* Winter ski tour along the Padjelantaleden, through Sarek NP and along the Kungsleden – Swedish Lapland 2018

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