2 thoughts on “Coming down from Muir Pass

  1. One of my favorite places! I was there last Sept just about the same time you and your group were passing through. Might have passed each other on the trail. Did you cross paths with Connie? (I think that was her name) An Asian girl now living in London, hiking the JMT. She was there at the same time too.


    • Yeah it’s just beautiful there! It was really tough though for me coming down from Muir Pass, very hard on my knees. And I felt like the landscape was almost too beautiful to take it all in. Good thing the rock monster came and gave me new energy haha. It was really funny getting eaten by the monster :cP No I can’t remember Connie. I don’t think we crossed paths (well at least I can’t remember). I only remember the lady who’s walking the trails barefooted and she had a huge backpack. She was cool!


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