Grand Canyon to Zion – Day 2: Thornwhacking on the Ken Patrick Trail

May 19th 2016: Ken Patrick Trail – Point imperial – Nankoweap TH, ca. 10 ml

IMG_3302At 6:30 we get going and first thing I do is kiss the ground. In return I get a bloody knee. Not the last blood of the day ’cause as it turns out the Ken Patrick Trail is zero maintained and thorns are growing ALL OVER the trail. I leave enough blood on this trail to save another persons life with! Damn! Fallen trees, thorns,… This isn’t bushwhacking, this is thornwhacking!

By 10:15 we’ve whacked 6 miles and we have a very early lunch at Point Imperial because I’m so damn hungry. Fuck, I didn’t bring enough food! I freeze my ass off so we get going and by 2 pm we set up camp (that’ll be the last time that we set up camp so early, that’s for sure)  just a mile past the Nankoweap Trailhead. Better not to overdo it the first couple days. I sleep and rest and enjoy the view. And I worry about the 5600 ft/ 1700 meters of downhill tomorrow. Will my hips play along?

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Grand Canyon to Zion – Day 1: Solitude on the Ken Patrick Trail

May 18th 2018: North Rim Visitor Center – Ken Patrick Trail till Junction with the Old Bright Angel Trail – ca. 5,5 ml

grandcanyontozion394We sleep till 6:30. Or is it 7:30? 6:30? 7:30? Arizona? Utah? We’ve been state-hopping the last couple days. Back and forth. Resetting our watches. More than ever time seems non-existent. Only sunrise and sunset. The turning of days. Of the earth around the sun. Who cares what time it is?!

It’s still quiet in M&J’s RV (Daniels brother and his wonderful wife). The kids J and P are still asleep. This is the last morning we spend with them. It’s been so great to share the first few days in the States with them. They make it feel a little more like home. When all are up, we have breakfast in the sun. The kids are still tired, they need hugs and spoons with food put in their mouths. O I’ll miss these little munchkins.

We stop at the visitor center at Pipe Springs National Monument and I take my time to take a decent poo (nothing else like a good poo right?). Yesterday we started a list after eating at Taco Bell. The one who farts the least wins an ice cream. Seems like little J. is winning. But who knows how many silent little farts he has set free to dwell amongst us. Haha! Continue reading