Day 31: A long hot day in the desert

Hikertown to Tylerhorse Canyon. 24 ml. One month on trail… One month on trail!!!! Holy cow time flies! I sometimes wish I could fly but… no… I walk right?! I WALK!
It’s hard to sleep in hikertown. It’s not the ghosts, o no, it’s the fucking trucks passing by all night long. We get up at 5 am, have breakfast with the haunted souls and get going. The sun is up already when we walk along the aquaduct. Clouds are in the sky. I pray they may stay there during the day. God doesn’t listen to my prayers though, it’s getting hot way too soon. We should have left earlier we fuckers. I’m walking on my own, on top of the aquaduct, when out of nothing two dogs come running towards me, barking aggressively.

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