The Pacific WHAT Thing???

“The Pacific WHAT Thing?” people ask me when I tell them what I plan on doing.
“The PACIFIC CREST TRAIL!” I keep on repeating.
“Never heard of!”
“Sigh… It’s a long distance trail in America.”
“O you mean that one in the woods with the bears and all?”
“No that’s the Appalachian Trail!”
“Never heard of!”

Yeah that’s how the conversation goes here in Europe. I guess 95% of the people here never heard of any mysterious Pacific Crest Trail. It could as well be non-existent. But then again 95% of the non-europeans probably never heard of the Wicklow Way, the E1, the Rheinsteig, the Pieterpad and many more.

So this one goes out to my European readers, friends and family… It’s time to learn about the Pacific Crest Trail!
“The Pacific WHAT Thing?”
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