JMT II day 5: Hiker box resupply

aka PCT day 55: June 13th 2015: Rosalie Lake – Reds Meadow – Deer Creek. Ca. 15ml

We hike down the 9 miles to Reds. It’s beautiful, but also a bit boring. We’re fast but, thinking of the food at the mule’s café, it feels not fast enough. There are thousands of mosquitoes at Gladys Lake and the last miles to Devils Postpile seem to take aaaages. We still get there at 10:30 am. We start resupplying out of the hikers box and two men come to chat with us and give us food. Awesooome! Now we don’t have to go down into Mammoth for a resupply but can just resupply here. We buy a few extra things in the store and are done. We eat burgers at the Mule’s Cafe (yummm) and then hikers start coming in. Continue reading

DAY 10: Smooth and easy!!!

Sunday 1st September 2013: Reds Meadow to Deer Creek:

Today we all got up pretty early cause we were all craving for a ‘merican breakfast at the Mule’s Café (hahaha the POWER OF FOOD!!!) After packing all our stuff we headed over there for the third time and I ate my FIRST AMERICAN PANCAKES (damn right that’s a epic moment to remember!!!!) Jihaaaaaa! O man! I was totally stuffed but we had to get going. It was so SAD to leave LINDSEY! Really really really too bad that she has to go back to work!
Still the rest of the family had to hit the trail and we hiked through the landscape scarred by the rainbow fire of 1992. Continue reading