Exploding beauty

monument valleyIn Utah history is exposed in a breathtaking beautiful way. While I see the red rocks pass by my archeologist heart is beating faster and I understand why ancient cultures would wanna live here. Red sandstone, aspen trees, grassy green meadows. Is this desert? It is and it’s beautiful in all of its layers. In the layers of earth arranged in a way it doesn’t seem coincidence, in the the rock art created by the people who lived here long ago, in the sand that constantly reinvents the landscape. Yes, in Utah nature exposes herself in a strong almost devine way.
After hiking through my beloved Sierra we decided to go on a little roadtrip.
My hips need time to recover from the hardship of climbing two passes a day and we wanna widen our horizon. The PCT is beautiful, hell yeah it is, but it’s a narrow stripe of land and we wanna lift our heads for a moment and see what lays beyond. Continue reading