I could use some help

Writing about hiking is easy. It’s the other things that happen inbetween that are more difficult to write about, harder to deal with. Even more so when those inbetweens seem to have planned a “coup”. I guess it’s no surprise when I tell you I went to hospital again yesterday. And maybe it’s no surprise either that the news I keep hearing out of doctors’ mouths keeps getting worse. And still, once again, I wasn’t prepared. Two weeks ago I wasn’t ready to hear I have hip dysplasia on my left hip and yesterday I wasn’t ready to hear I have it on my right hip too. FUCK that! Fuck fuck fuck! Ya, sorry, but my old readers are used to the “fucks” aren’t you? I have gotten too polite lately. But I can’t be polite about this. This. sucks. big. time. So yes, FUCK! I went to see another specialist yesterday, and while he was examining me, he just mentioned my other hip… in a side sentence, like as if it was no big deal. I told him “Wait? What? I only have this in my left hip.” And he said “No, you have it in your right hip too.” Bamn. Thank you. In my face. Continue reading