JMT II day 6: From purple to silver

aka PCT day 56:  June 14th 2015: Deer Creek – Purple Lake – Lake Virginia – Silver Pass – Silver Pass Lake. Ca. 17 ml

Smooth and steady climb till Purple Lake. I walk without fear, not like 2 years ago, where I ran and wrote the “I am to be wild” poem in my head. Beautiful views down the valley. We meet tons of people we know, like the Ravens and Pantera. We have an apple break at Purple Lake and head on towards Lake Virginia where we have a great lunchbreak. We soak our feet, I take a sun bath aaah wonderful! Now ready for Silver Pass? O well yes. But first down to Tully Hole. The views are frikkin BREATHTAKING. Continue reading

DAY 12: Silver Pass in the HAIL

Thursday 3th September 2013: Virginia Lake – Silver Pass – VVRjunction:
I woke up early at Virginia Lake. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cereals left for breakfast so I had to stuff in the oatmeal that I started hating… It just tastes disgusting!
We left at about 9am, ready for a 13 mile day… And oh boy, that was a day! After Virginia Lake it went all downhil and the next moment if went uphill all the way to silver pass. Jeeeeeee the scenery was so damn stunning. We went through so many different landscapes. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. My heart had difficulties taking in all thet BEAUTY. Holy Spirit!
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