Day 32: The windmills and the friendly town

Wuhuuu I ‘almost’ sleep well and I’m fast in the morning. I try to be efficient. It kinda works today. We head out early and climb out of Tylerhorse canyon. Soon we see and hear the windmills again. The sun is rising fast. It’s beautiful. I gotta poop though. Right now is not the time to admire the landscape. I’ll do that later. I gotta dig a cathole… It’s hard to find a place here where noone can see me. At some point I don’t care no more, I dig, I poop. Ah wonderful! Now I can enjoy the views. We climb, slow but steady, till we read the cache on top. There’s water. We don’t need any. We don’t wanna rely on caches. There’s not just water at the cache. Continue reading