Day 1 to 5 on the John Muir Trail: From Yosemite Valley till Deer Creek

Here I go again. Ready to hit the JMT for the second time. It’s funny how 2 years ago I started preparing for my solo thruhike probably like 6 months in advance and now… O well I just hike. Not much planning, just hiking. We sent one resupply box to VVR and that’s it. But damn my legs are so much stronger now. It’s awesome. Continue reading

Day 40: Ml. 700!!! O god it’s hot!!!

Ml. 681 – 702: 21ml / 33,8km
Chimney creek campground till Kennedy Meadows
The alarm rings at 5 am. I’m awake already. Here we go again. Time to beat the heat and rock the trail. We leave camp around 6, wave goodbye to Dunedin, and by the time it’s 9 we’re done with the climb of the day. Bammm. It’s all downhill from here. We sit on a treelog to eat a clifbar and there is that noise that I love but still suprises me, like “What the hell was that?” Continue reading

Day 39: 1/4 PCT!!! Easy peasy 17 miles lemonsqueezy

Ml. 664-681: 17 miles: from Joshua tree spring till chimney creek campground
A quiet night. One of my last in the desert. In 2 days I will be in Kennedy meadows. Holy moly. Who thought the Sierra would come that soon. After getting diagnosed with hip dysplasia I didn’t even dare to dream of getting this far. I am sooo grateful for each step, even in the heat of the desert, even if I get homesick for our cat Phoebe and our tiny cabin sometimes, even if it hurts! It is all worth it!!! This is an amazing journey. A mirror in so many ways to each one of us. Continue reading

Day 38: The power of the inner fire

I don’t wanna get up. Not yet. I’m on vacation. I wanna turn around one more time. Close my eyes. Pretend it’s not getting light outside. I can’t fool myself. It’s 5:30 am already. The sun is rising. I gotta hike. I wanna hike. There’s only one thing to do. Open the valve of my sleeping mat. Psshhhhh. The air flows out. I’m on the ground. Damn. I do that every morning. Each time again. I don’t turn around. I get up. I pack my bag. Take down the tent. Have breakfast. Get going. Continue reading

Day 33: Life gets hilarious in the desert

I wake up early. Sleeping in? What was I thinking. My bodyalarm is set for 5:30 am. Damn hiker routine. But they serve breakfast at 6am. Coffeee o yes. And pancakes. And bananas. And bread. And cereals. And milk. And everything I desire. Breakfastheaven!
Little Bear and Aquanaut have a rental car and plan on hiding some watercaches for the next loooong dry stretches. Headquarters and I join them and after getting water, beer and coke at the supermarket, one of the craziest rides in my entire life begins. Continue reading

Day 32: The windmills and the friendly town

Wuhuuu I ‘almost’ sleep well and I’m fast in the morning. I try to be efficient. It kinda works today. We head out early and climb out of Tylerhorse canyon. Soon we see and hear the windmills again. The sun is rising fast. It’s beautiful. I gotta poop though. Right now is not the time to admire the landscape. I’ll do that later. I gotta dig a cathole… It’s hard to find a place here where noone can see me. At some point I don’t care no more, I dig, I poop. Ah wonderful! Now I can enjoy the views. We climb, slow but steady, till we read the cache on top. There’s water. We don’t need any. We don’t wanna rely on caches. There’s not just water at the cache. Continue reading

Day 31: A long hot day in the desert

Hikertown to Tylerhorse Canyon. 24 ml. One month on trail… One month on trail!!!! Holy cow time flies! I sometimes wish I could fly but… no… I walk right?! I WALK!
It’s hard to sleep in hikertown. It’s not the ghosts, o no, it’s the fucking trucks passing by all night long. We get up at 5 am, have breakfast with the haunted souls and get going. The sun is up already when we walk along the aquaduct. Clouds are in the sky. I pray they may stay there during the day. God doesn’t listen to my prayers though, it’s getting hot way too soon. We should have left earlier we fuckers. I’m walking on my own, on top of the aquaduct, when out of nothing two dogs come running towards me, barking aggressively.

Continue reading