Day 39: 1/4 PCT!!! Easy peasy 17 miles lemonsqueezy

Ml. 664-681: 17 miles: from Joshua tree spring till chimney creek campground
A quiet night. One of my last in the desert. In 2 days I will be in Kennedy meadows. Holy moly. Who thought the Sierra would come that soon. After getting diagnosed with hip dysplasia I didn’t even dare to dream of getting this far. I am sooo grateful for each step, even in the heat of the desert, even if I get homesick for our cat Phoebe and our tiny cabin sometimes, even if it hurts! It is all worth it!!! This is an amazing journey. A mirror in so many ways to each one of us. Continue reading

Day 38: The power of the inner fire

I don’t wanna get up. Not yet. I’m on vacation. I wanna turn around one more time. Close my eyes. Pretend it’s not getting light outside. I can’t fool myself. It’s 5:30 am already. The sun is rising. I gotta hike. I wanna hike. There’s only one thing to do. Open the valve of my sleeping mat. Psshhhhh. The air flows out. I’m on the ground. Damn. I do that every morning. Each time again. I don’t turn around. I get up. I pack my bag. Take down the tent. Have breakfast. Get going. Continue reading

Day 33: Life gets hilarious in the desert

I wake up early. Sleeping in? What was I thinking. My bodyalarm is set for 5:30 am. Damn hiker routine. But they serve breakfast at 6am. Coffeee o yes. And pancakes. And bananas. And bread. And cereals. And milk. And everything I desire. Breakfastheaven!
Little Bear and Aquanaut have a rental car and plan on hiding some watercaches for the next loooong dry stretches. Headquarters and I join them and after getting water, beer and coke at the supermarket, one of the craziest rides in my entire life begins. Continue reading