5 symbolic miles along the Pacific Crest Trail

June 9th-10th 2016: Tuolumne Meadows – Glen Aulin – Tuolumne Meadows

grandcanyontozion525Tuolumne o Tuolumne. All the memories. So much won. So much lost. I push away the nostalgia and try to see the place as just a place with trees and rocks. Still it are the same trees and rocks who have been silent witnesses of the woman I was 3 years ago, of the night in August 2013 around the fire and the friendships that were born. Tuolumne o Tuolumne. This time the river is high and roars like a wild creature, and once again the place is a witness of who I am.

We leave camp at 8:30 am. Sleeping in feels like heaven. Time to hike 5 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail. 5 symbolic miles. The journey will never be over. I’m not sad. No. Rather I just enjoy the beauty and power of the roaring Tuolumne River, the Sierra scenery, the rocks and mountains and pines. The crazy waterfalls. They will all be here when I am ready to return. Continue reading