Who is Walkingwomad? Walkingwomad is me…. Helen (Catwoman on trail… but you can call me Cat ;c)!
Though I’ve been living in Germany for more than 14 years now, I’m a happy Belgian and I still consider Belgium to be my “home” (even though being a womad means home can be more than one place!). It’s where I grew up and where all of my family lives.

In normal (not sure what that means!?) life I studied Ancient Near Eastern studies (Assyriology to be exact… YES I am a freak!) and Social Work with specializations in Animal Assisted Therapy (with lamas and alpacas), Public Health and Outdoor- and Wilderness Education. My partner and I have our own wilderness school, where we teach wilderness-, outdoor- and survival skills, nature connection, Coyote Teaching, Art of Mentoring,… We live in a tiny home in the middle of the woods and fields. No running water, no electricity, no bathroom,  instead I get fresh air, meet wild animals and hear the song of the wind in the pine trees.
I guess it’s obvious I spend most of my time outdoors. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Nature is the home of my heart and my soul and in nature I truely belong.

I’m passionate about nature, animals, hiking and making music. And I love a bit of adventure once in a while!

Love, Cat

PS: Here’s an interview with me over at Trail to Summit: http://trailtosummit.com/wild-woman-helen-cat-beckers/

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